Is a Running Toilet Running Up Your Water Bill?

Have you ever heard your toilet running long after a flush or even when it hasn’t been in use for a while? If so, you may have a running toilet that is costing you headaches and water usage!

Is a Running Toilet Running Up Your Water Bill?It is estimated that a running toilet could be wasting over 200 gallons daily! That’s a burden on your water supply and your budget. This typically occurs when the running toilet’s flapper (the rubber piece that is located in the toilet’s tank to allow water to flow appropriately) is decayed or broken. There are methods of checking to see if this is the only issue.

Simply put some food coloring in the tank’s water. If it appears in the toilet without flushing, then you have a bad flapper. To learn more about a toilet that keeps running water, read our post on “running toilets”.

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