Abacus Review: Plumbing Repair And Repiping In Houston, Texas

Many older homes in the Houston area were built using galvanized pipes that can corrode on the inside and become brittle. These pipes can be deceiving because the outside of it may look just fine, but the inside can be clogged with rust and limescale. Repiping is the process of replacing your old pipes with new PVC pipes that will help the improve the pressure and quality of the water in your home.

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“A whole-house re-pipe is a challenge to the customer because of the expense involved and disruption to their personal lives. Abacus seems to have factored that in to their company policies and professional approach. I expect the company to provide a licensed plumber, but Steve was clearly the difference - maker on our job. From the moment he arrived he put us at ease - especially my wife when the mess began to appear. He and his crew were on time each day, were courteous and showed great concern and respect for our property - they were professional. Steve's personality was ideal for the circumstance. His friendly, can-do attitude and the effort he expended to keep us informed were recognized and appreciated. He is an asset to your company and a model for your business plan.”

- Plumbing, in Houston on Oct 10th, 2016
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