Backup Generator Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Best Generators For Your Emergency Needs

Back Up Generators In Houston Homeowners

Back Up generators can supply enough power to keep our households operating until the electricity comes back to life. A generator may also be a lifesaver if you depend on medical equipment. Continue on for a closer look at the reasons to consult your local electrician about installing a generator.


A home backup generator size is measured in watts. A watt is a measure of electricity. You must select a generator that can produce the amount of electricity (watts) to power the appliances, outlets and lights on the circuits you want to backup. 

Back  Up Generators For Your Home

Let’s suppose that it’s a hot summer evening and your family is relaxing at home. The air conditioning is flowing happily, your kids are playing video games, your spouse is watching TV, and you are working on the computer. Suddenly, there’s a bright flash of lightning and a clap of thunder. Off in the distance, you hear a deep, muffled boom that shakes the house.

Your lights go out. The air conditioning stops. The video game and TV go black, and your computer shuts down.

You’ve heard this kind of boom before. That was when your whole neighborhood had no power for two days. Hmm… Didn’t you and your spouse plan to discuss buying a home generator at that time?

Having a home generator to kick in when the electricity from the grid fails can be more than a convenience. In some cases, depending on location, time of year, and even medical need, a power outage can be dangerous. However, most homeowners hesitate to install one because they don’t understand how a home generator system works, what fuel options are available, and how to choose one that fits their electricity needs during a power failure.

Looks like you’ve come to the right place.

How a Home Generator Works

Home generators are situated outside the home because they generate electicity by burning fuel (gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas). A large capacity generator mounted on concrete pads is called a “standby generator”. Smaller home units that can be carried or mounted on wheels are referred to as “portable”. Solar-powered (and other alternative) battery-back-up systems are also available – and while the initial price per watt tends to be more expensive, they use no fuel and can also be used to reduce your regular electric bill. Also, DC current generators tend to be smaller and (depending on the manufacturer) less expensive than AC portable generators; however, they are mostly used for mobile homes and back-up battery chargers for solar and wind systems.

Basically, electrical output from a home generator runs through a power cable into your home’s electrical panel as soon as the home’s power mains (the electric lines from the grid) are turned off. Because the amount of current is dangerous, you need to install a transfer switch to do this safely. The transfer switch turns off the connection to the grid and then connects to the generator. Likewise, it can be switched back to the grid once power returns. Transfer switches come in manual and automatic configurations, and they are mounted near your electrical service panel (or fuse box).

Standby generators almost always come with automatic transfer switches as part of the package. This means that the switch can sense voltage loss in the grid line, automatically signal the standby generator to start, and then switch over to output from the generator until it senses that grid voltage has returned to normal. Most families that choose standby generators are looking for systems that can seamlessly shoulder their power needs in the event of a power failure. Read more…

The Benefits Of Having Back Up Generators

The benefits of generators can provide you with the power you need to operate your lights and appliances until your residential power returns. This means that you can keep your security lighting on during a blackout, and you can remain comfortable during particularly cold or hot days. Call us (713) 812-7070 for your home service and repair needs. 

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