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We came here to do the kitchen and laundry reroute because the cast iron pipe was busted, Had a real slow drain in the kitchen sink. The old original cast iron kitchen sink line was split crack, basically collapsing. And when he ran the snake down there, it was pulling back mud. Water’s getting out under the slab, it’ll actually cause you a lot of foundation issues, as well as the plumbing issues. It was a worrisome situation there for awhile. We had to tunnel under the house. I was pretty amazed at how extensive it was. We drilled the floor and we break the slab from underneath the home. Cut out the old pipe. We installed new schedule 40 PVC. Every single job is very, very different, it’s not the same process.

You’re tunneling under the house and rerouting the line around the house and re-intercepting the sewer outside. Even though it’s difficult to do, it’s the best possible way to do it. The less pipe you have under the house, the better off you’re going to be. I don’t have any issues with it now. Don’t have any qualms about using sink or any concerns. We designed the system to be actually much better than the original build. This thing’s going to flow better than it did when the house was brand new. Not to mention the fact that they’d get a 10 year parts and labor guarantee. I really appreciate all that Abacus had done to be able to help me out with getting it done and done fast. I would recommend them.