EPA R-22 Freon Ban In Houston Abacus Air Conditioning Has The Solution

Regulations covering air conditioners using R22 are changing, and that’s causing confusion. Let’s clear things up so you can make informed decisions.

R22, commonly known as Freon, is a refrigerant used in older AC units. The EPA has banned it for being unsafe for the environment. In fact, Freon was blamed for damage to the Earth’s ozone layer.

Believe it or not, the ban on R22 began in the late ’70s, when 90% of its common uses, such as aerosol can propellant, were quickly phased out. However, R22’s use in air conditioners, which are designed to run for decades, has taken longer. But time is running out. The supply of R22, estimated at 110 million pounds in 2010, is now down to 13 million. By the end of 2019, Freon will no longer be imported or produced.

This shrinking supply of R22 will obviously drive repair costs higher. That’s why replacing aging R22 systems makes sense, especially ones with leaks or needing refrigerant circuit repairs. Newer systems use R410a, a more efficient blended refrigerant. Unfortunately, it cannot be used in older R22 units. That’s because R410a operates at higher pressures, requiring different tools, equipment, techniques, and safety standards.

Now, is it possible your current R22 system still has years of service left in it? Possibly. Find out for sure. Schedule a free assessment of your system by one of our trained cooling specialists so you can make plans long before your system becomes a serious problem. It’s another example of why we say, “Abaucs, You Can Count On Us.”