Water Softener Filtration System and Reverse Osmosis for the Home in Houston

Solve hard water problems in your Houston home with Abacus Plumbing’s Whole-House Water Filtration System.

Options include carbon water filtration and real soft water, along with reverse osmosis. Dramatically reduce contaminants and chloramines as well as hard water caused by calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates.

Chloramines (also known as secondary disinfection) are disinfectants used to treat drinking water and most commonly formed when ammonia is added to chlorine to treat drinking water. They Provide much longer disinfection as the as the water passes through your pipes to your bathroom and kitchen sinks.

But once the water has been routed to your home, you don’t need these to be in your water, which is why water filtration and softening and reverse osmosis is so beneficial in removing those contaminants, allowing your water to be cleaner for cooking, bathing and helping all your appliances last longer, like your water heater, dishwasher and preventing/stopping hard water stains and calcium build-up on your water fixtures.