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The blog by Alan O’Neill is meant to be helpful, valuable, interesting and educational in nature. Always check with a licensed plumber or air conditioning and heating contractor such as Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Houston prior to any work on your home.

Abacus in the News: Click2Houston And Generator Safety

When you live in Texas, you can expect extreme weather. We get wind storms, ice storms, tornados, and, of course, hurricanes. Any of these events can tear down power lines. And many of us have considered buying a backup generator at one time or another. And some of us have already purchased one. So, when […]

Time To Clean-Up After A Flood

Now that the disaster is over, we have to take a deep breath and start to clean up. It’s never easy. Whether the flood is a natural disaster or a broken pipe, first, we have to salvage what we can and then dry everything out and clean up. Our neighbors at Flood Safety have some […]

Hurricane Season Is Here

Hurricanes: How To Prepare Yourself, Your Home, and Your Kids In the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane season is in full swing. Living on the Gulf Coast, we are all aware of the hurricanes and the damage they can cause. We need to prepare ourselves. Unless we have camping stoves, gas stoves, or a generator, we probably […]

Summer Time Getaways For Houston

School’s out and you’re probably planning all kinds of activities and, maybe, a family vacation to keep everyone busy this summer. Sometimes, deciding where to go can be a hard decision. And, sometimes, getting everyone’s summer schedules arranged for a big trip can be hard. Texas Highways has some ideas for a long vacation and […]

Houston Adopt A Pet Day

Having a pet can be a wonderful experience. Other that the companionship and love that pets provide, they impact our lives on every level. Walking a dog puts us out in the world, meeting neighbors and getting exercise. Holding a kitten can calm us after a stressful day and comfort us when we need it. […]

Great Ideas For Mother’s Day

Special Treat For Your Amazing Mom?   Mom’s special day should be unique, just for her and her family. Because every Mom and her family are different.   But, what can a family plan for a one-of-a-kind day in addition to a beautiful bouquet. 365 Things To Do In Houston has some ideas.  Lots of them. […]

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Houston In May

It’s getting warmer and Mother’s Day and Memorial Day Sales are just around the corner. You might have a few ideas about what you want to purchase, but now may not be the right time. has just published a list of items That you should (or shouldn’t) buy right now.   10 Things to […]

Safe Drinking Water In Houston

Think Your Water Is Safe? You’d Better Check On That In a big city like Houston, we expect our drinking water to be reasonably safe. We have massive infrastructures to purify, test, and transport our water into our homes. But, we can’t always be sure that every contaminate has been removed by city services.  Last […]

Air Purifiers Can Improve Your Air Quality

When you live in a big Texas city, you expect pollen, dust, chemicals and other things to be floating around in the air outside. Unfortunately, it’s also floating around in your house. Most HVAC systems have pretty good air filters to remove much of the stuff in the air. However, most of these filters were […]

The Rose Spring Events

At Abacus, we strive to be an active, supportive member of our Houston community. We are proud of our involvement with The Rose. The Rose provides health care and cancer screenings to our community. Help The Rose support our neighbors. The Rose Spring Events 5th Annual A Time To Care Luncheon – April 20, 2017 […]