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The blog by Alan O’Neill is meant to be helpful, valuable, interesting and educational in nature. Always check with a licensed plumber or air conditioning and heating contractor such as Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Houston prior to any work on your home.

Houston’s Already Great

Houston is a wonderful place to live. It’s near the coast, which is great for weekend getaways. It has rich and vibrant environment for arts and culture. It always has a very long list of events and things to do. But, as Houstonians and Texas coast dwellers, we can make it better. And Houstonia has […]

Abacus Automatic Messaging for your Peace of Mind

Our customers are our #1 priority as is their safety and knowledge that their next service appointment with us progresses smoothly and without any issues. This is why we’re proud to introduce Abacus Automatic Messaging, a new feature that will let you know who’s coming, at what time and will provide you with details about […]

Treating Bug Bites This Summer

In Texas, everything seems bigger – including some of our bugs. While it might not really be true that they are bigger, bug bites sure feel that way sometimes. There are many bug bite remedies on store shelves. But, the most important  step is treating the bite right away. Reader’s Digest has treatment suggestions for […]

Happy Birthday, Bellaire!

Texas has a varied and intricate history of the state itself and of all the people that witnessed it.  Our southeastern coast has stories of pirates and shipwrecks. A little further inland, we have the wild west and huge cattle ranches. We have stories of battles for independence. One of those amazing stories is the […]

Houston, Our Animals Need Your Help

Houstonians love their pets. In the wake of hurricanes and flooding many animals are left homeless. In addition to many other reasons pets don’t have homes, The Houston SPCA does it’s best everyday to care for their furry and not so furry charges. But the SPCA needs our help. They need food, veterinary care, and […]

Save Your Summer With Lower Electricity Bills

When you live in Houston, you expect a hot, humid summer. And when the temperature goes up, so do our electricity bills. But, when the summer gets exceptionally hot and humid, it may also mean brownouts and electricity bills that completely blows your entire budget for the whole summer. Fortunately, The Houston Chronicle published a […]

Natural Alternative For Weed Killer

Living in Texas means weeds. We have so much sun and great soil that weeds can grow faster than our landscaping. Weeds are beneficial to our environment. They provide natural food sources for the wildlife. They can also help control insects and pests. But, we also need to be able to control weeds and where […]

Abacus Wins BBB Award 2018

Dateline: WED, MAY 19, 2018: Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical Earns its 4th Pinnacle Award from the Houston BBB Congratulations to team Abacus for earning it’s 4th Pinnacle Award and 11th Award for Excellence since 2006. For a full list of Pinnacle Award winners visit the BBB website: BBB Awards for Excellence

Name A Drain, Houston

Houston really has a problem. As recent flooding illustrates, the Houston area storm drainage system is overwhelmed. When they are needed most, they can’t keep up with the flow of water. Part of the problem is the Houston area is so flat and there isn’t enough open ground to absorb the water quickly.  Another problem […]

Fire Safety Is Essential

In big cities, like Houston, we are always on the move. We are busy with our kids, jobs, errands, and other day to day tasks that keep us busy. But, we do need to stop and prepare for unforeseeable events, like a fire or storm. If we prepare our homes and teach our families what […]

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