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How To Install Ceiling Fan Without Existing Wiring

Ceiling Fans Installation In Houston For Homeowners Ceiling fans are a very popular addition to install in bedrooms, patios, and living rooms.  When you want to add a ceiling fan, the most difficult step tends to be getting it wired into your electrical system, especially if you do not have an existing fan or light […]

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Maintenance

The Importance Of GFCI For Homeowners The average homeowner might not even know what a ground fault is, but when a house’s ground fault is compromised, it can put the entire property in danger. Basically, a ground fault is an inadvertent electrical path between a power source and a grounded surface. Ground fault circuit interrupter […]

Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Ceiling Fan Maintenance For Houston Homeowners Ceiling fans can be a godsend during the summers when we have to deal with scorching heat, so it is important that you keep them in tip top shape. Ceiling fan maintenance, most people do not bother, but in order to keep your ceiling fan working at peak efficiency, […]

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Landscape Lighting Maintenance For Houston Homeowners Many homeowners and inexperienced contractors make the common mistake of replacing bulbs only as they go out. At first glance, this practice seems to make perfect sense. However, maintaining a system this way has several key disadvantages.

This Is How GFCI Works

This Is How GFCI Works For Houston Homeowners You may know in what situations the NEC requires you to install a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), but do you know how as it works? A GFCI is specifically designed to protect people against electric shock from an electrical system, and it monitors the imbalance of current […]

Whole House Fan Installation

Whole House Fan Installation For Houston Homeowners Whole house fans will keep you and your home cool at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. We walk you through the pros and cons and help you choose the best option for your home.

Why Is My Smoke Detectors Keep Beeping

Smoke Detectors Maintenance In Houston For Homeowners Smoke alarms work by using the usual electrical wirings in your house, or you can use the battery-operated type. The detector that operates on electricity, however, should have a backup battery so that it will work even when the power is out.

Outdoor Lightning Up Your House For The Holidays

Outdoor Lightning For Your House In Houston Outdoor lighting can add safety in a variety of ways. Light walkways to ensure that people navigate these areas safely. Use zone lighting to illuminate areas of your yard and landscape for nighttime use. Zone lighting can be effective for lighting a patio, deck, garden, pool area or […]

How To Install An Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation In Houston The Ceiling Fan  are an excellent substitute to air-conditioning units. When placed at the right spot in your home, a ceiling fan can definitely cool everything done by properly distributing the heat. A ceiling fan is an efficient way to reduce the temperature in a room. The size of […]

Choosing The Right Electrical Outlets For Your Home

The Right Electrical Outlets In Houston Electrical Outlets interrupter outlets prevent accidental electrocution, and code requires them in baths, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages and outdoor locations. A GFCI has a built-in circuit breaker that interrupts the flow of electricity the instant it senses a ground fault or current leak. But a GFCI won’t work unless […]