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Electrical Installation Inspection

Electrical Installation Inspection: Houston Homeowners Need to Inspect their Electrical Installations Electrical installations are essential to a property and a major part of any construction project. Improperly executed, the influence of age and exposure to wear and tear, the installation might pose a security risk or might cause a fire.

Abacus Electrical Service Review: Electrical Repairs In Houston, Texas

Before you try to repair a broken ceiling fan or purchase a new ceiling fan, you should call a licensed electrician. We may be able to repair the one you have and make sure your ceiling fan is safe to use. Click Here for Additional Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical Reviews    

Smoke Detector Safety Tips

Smoke Detector Safety Tips  & Installation Houston, TX You may be well aware that home fires are dangerous and can be fatal if you aren’t ready. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to see a fire when it starts. You may not even see it until after it’s done leaving devastating amounts of damage to […]

Breakers Electric Panel

Circuit Breakers Panel: Safety Tips For Dallas Homeowners A breaker that trips immediately after it’s reset is telling you that there’s an electrical problem. Sure, sometimes the breaker itself is to blame, and in some cases there may just be too large an electrical load operating on that circuit. But it’s more likely that the […]

The Importance Of LED Lights

Does Houston Homeowners Need A LED Lights? The key feature that makes this material so useful with LED lights is that when the material interacts with light, it produces unique properties unlike any other material previously used in LED lighting. The opponents of Houston’s current LED lights are not asking the city and CenterPoint to simply stop […]

Ceiling Fan Installation Tips And Information

Does Houston Homeowners Can Save Energy Using Ceiling Fans? In most homes, ceiling fans do NOT save energy. It’s not that they can’t save energy; it’s just that most people don’t understand how to use them to do so, and the potential savings are pretty small.

Home Surge Protection

  Houston Homeowners Are Afraid For Assessing The Risk Associated With Lightning Strikes There is no cookie cutter approach to lightning protection and it involves more than just preventing a strike.  Each situation like each installation is unique and should combine protection from lightning’s primary effects (a lightning Strike) with its secondary effects (grounding/earthing/surge). After repeated […]

Electrical Safety Inspection

  Electrical Inspection Basics In Houston An electrical inspection will be required not only when a new building is constructed, but in several other cases as well. Adding a new addition on to a building that will be serviced by electricity is another time when an inspection will need to take place. Some cities will […]

Ceiling Fan Installation Houston: Is it a Simple DIY?

  Installing Ceiling Fans in Houston Homes, Is Best Completed Right The First Time Ceiling fan installation is the best thing you can do to keep air moving and to keep cool through the hot, humid weather. While installation is not the most complex electrical process, it is still important to complete process fully and […]