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We’re Missing Out On BIG Savings At The Big Box Store

Houston Could Be Saving A Lot More Money Most of us have had a membership at one of the big bulk stores, like Costco or Sam’s Club, at one time or another. Sometimes we’ve saved a lot of money on everything from televisions to paper towels. And sometimes, we could have saved more if we’d […]

Get Ready For Colorful Leaves and Pumpkins

It’s Time For Fall, Houston It may still be 90 degrees in the shade, but it’s time to get your and family ready for the colder temperatures of Fall and Winter. This year Better Homes And Gardens published a very detailed list of things you need to do in the next few weeks. But here’s a […]

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Home Water Filters

Houston – We Need Cleaner Water For Our Homes Every Houston home needs clean water. While the Houston area water treatment plants do provide water clean enough to drink, the water should be a lot cleaner for us to maintain our health. Water treatment facilities are not designed to remove toxic chemicals and metals, like […]

2016 Hottest Toys For Christmas

Get Ready Houston – It’s Almost Shopping Time! It’s still hot outside, but manufacturers and retailers are already prepared for the holiday shopping season. Now is the time to buy that one toy EVERY kid has to have this year. By buying it now (and hiding it in Santa’s secret closet until the big day), […]

Good News In Our Own Backyard

Amazing Acts Of Kindness In Our Humble Neighborhood The 2016 Summer Olympics have started and those amazing athletes are the stars of the show. But, our future stars have their own dreams to follow at the Junior Olympics held a few weeks ago in Humble, Texas. And one family was given an amazing gift to […]

Give Your Houston Home The Lighting Upgrade It Deserves

New Ideas For Your Home Improvement Projects – Upgrade Your Lighting Every so often, our homes need some repairs and improvements because something brakes or it’s just really old and outdated. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve our surroundings is to make small home improvements projects create a real impact, like replacing lighting […]