Chinatown is a neighborhood of Houston, Texas, in the United States. Another Chinatown, “Old Chinatown,” is located near the George R. Brown Convention Center in the East Downtown Houston neighborhood.


It is roughly defined to the east by Gessner Rd and Redding Rd, to the west by Beltway 8, to the south by Beechnut St, and the north by Westpark Dr, according to the Southwest Management District. Chinatown is a 6.1-square-kilometer or 2.37-square-mile enclave inside the Greater Sharpstown Management District’s boundaries.

Chinatown and Little Saigon (immediately west of the area) comprise a merged Asiatown, according to the Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GHCVB). Between Alief and Bellaire, the joint boundary is generally limited by Beechnut Street, Fondren Road, Westpark Drive, and State Highway 6. The rest of the ethnic teams are included within the extended bounds, therefore the designation is controversial.

Because so much of Chinatown’s land is held by private firms, there are few public spaces. The recent Chinatown is set in a residential neighborhood with single-family homes and apartments, as opposed to the Downtown, East, Chinatown, this place was in a more confined location. The nearby residential and commercial projects date from the 1990s to the 2000s.


Two school districts serve the new Chinatown. The Independent Alief School District serves the majority of New Chinatown, according to the GHCVB designation, while the Houston Independent School District serves the eastern half. As of 2008, the HISD component of the community is part of Trustee District VI, which is represented by Greg Meyers.

Chambers, A. J. Bush, Chancellor, Hearne, Collins, Liestman, Martin, Mahanay, and Youens are zoned elementary schools (K-4) located inside the GHCVB definition of Chinatown. In addition, a portion of Chinatown is served by Elementary Sneed School, which is located outside of Chinatown. Bilingual students in the Chancellor zone attend Youens, whereas bilingual students in the Mahanay zone attend Hearne.

Owens School is a Chinatown-zoned middle school. Outside of Chinatown, Budewig Youngblood and Miller service areas of Chinatown. Alief Middle, O’Donnell Middle, and Killough Middle are among the Chinatown middle schools. Albright Middle School, located beyond Chinatown, serves a portion of the meal.

Alief ISD citizens might get assigned to Alief Hastings High School, Alief Elsik High School, or Alief Taylor High School at random, regardless of where they live in the district. All three schools are located in Chinatown. Alief Kerr High School, a magnet school, is located in Chinatown.

Government & Infrastructure

The new Chinatown is served by two Houston City Council districts, J and F. The J district was established to make it easier for Hispanics to elect members who are sympathetic to their needs.

Two patrol divisions of the Houston Police Department, the Westside Patrol Division, and the Midwest Patrol Division are responsible for the new Chinatown.

The Ranchester Storefront (; Zhngguóchéng Jngcháj “Chinatown Police Office”) in the Diho Square complex is run by the Midwest division.  Station 10 moved to its current position in 1985, from its prior location in what is now East Downtown. Station 76 was constructed in 1985.

Houston Skyline District

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