Nancy S.

Electrical Service in Houston on October 3rd, 2016

“My dryer stopped working and then my AC shut off. When i realized that it was an electrical problem, i made an appointment online with Abacus. I got an email right away, setting the appointment and giving me a 3 hour window, which was great. The electrician was very professional. He came in and first put wraps around his shoes so he wouldn't mess anything up and then started to diagnose the problem. He found a very old fuse and also our fusebox was quite old. I did not want to initially replace the whole fusebox and he worked very hard to find a replacement fuse. He initially found a refurbished fuse. I did not want to do that, so i decided to replace the whole fusebox. I had a very good experience with the two technicians from Abacus that came the next day. I would definitely recommend Abacus from telling me each step along the way of what needed to be done, for finding possibilities of alternate, less expensive solution and also for doing the work in a timely and professional manner.”