Whole House Dehumidifier

Every person who has lived in Texas will tell you that the humidity in Texas can be a little overwhelming. We have to deal with it enough outside so we shouldn’t let moisture in the air be a problem inside our homes as well. Sometimes your AC unit isn’t able to maintain your home as safe and comfortable as it needs to be. Getting a dehumidifier will help your house get the extra boost of great air quality and comfort you and your family need.

Why you should get a dehumidifier:

Dehumidifiers are very beneficial to a lot of homes. For starters, these units are extremely valuable to individuals with asthma or allergies. These units remove humidity from the air, this helps remove allergens such as dust, mildew and mold. Having a lot of moisture in the air creates bad air quality which can lead to serious health problems. If there is humidity in the air, then mold could also be present. If mold gets inside a house, it can be hard to remove because it grows quickly. Dehumidifiers can also help get rid of foul smells. They eliminate dust mites and can protect your property such as wooden instruments and books from the damage caused by humidity.

Keep these issues from happening by getting a dehumidifier.


Signs you should get a dehumidifier:

Many homeowners aren’t sure if they need a dehumidifier. Your house could be giving you signs that you should get one. These signs can be frequent condensation on the windows of your house, water stains on your walls or ceilings, rotting wood, mold spots on the corners of the wall or ceiling, must or mildew smells. If you’ve seen any of these signs, please consult with a certified air conditioning technician to assist you in finding the right dehumidifier for your house. Prevent your problems from getting worse by getting a dehumidifier!

How dehumidifiers works:

A dehumidifier absorbs air from the room or the whole home, it eliminates the moisture from the air, and then blows fresh and filtered air back out. The device gathers the humidity out of the air and places it in a plastic container or bucket. Once the container or bucket is full, you can empty it out and then start over. Newer dehumidifiers can also come with a hose hookup. These can run a hose from a dehumidifier straight to a water drain. This is designed to ensure you don’t need to worry about emptying your container or bucket.

Choosing the right dehumidifier:

There are many factors homeowners need to consider when deciding which unit is best for them, such as where you need it placed, the energy efficiency of the product, and the capacity and size of the product. There are three different capacities you can choose from when deciding on a product. The capacities are:

  • Small-capacity: These are portable units and are perfect for smaller damp rooms.
  • Large capacity: These are also portable units, and should be used in large damp rooms.
  • Whole-house dehumidifier: These are built into a home’s AC unit. They can be used for small or medium sized wet or damp homes.

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