Houston Water Filtrations Services and Maintenance Agreements for Water Softeners & Carbon Water Filters For Home Owners

Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning, and Electrical offers complete water treatment and Water Filtration & Softeners solutions for Houston area homes. This includes both water softening and water filtration. We hope the information below will help you see how you can improve the quality of water in your home by using both.   

Water Filters and Conditioning Systems

Abacus offers water treatment solutions. “Hard water” is basically water that has more minerals in it than ordinary water. This hard water can end up damaging your plumbing system by clogging pipes and making it difficult for soap and detergent to dissolve. If you’ve noticed your water has caused stains, fogginess in glasses and spots on dishes then you should consider installing a water treatment device. Hard water can cause scale to build up which can lead to devastating damage to your home’s plumbing system. Water softening is the removal of calcium and magnesium from hard water. Having soft water will raise the efficiency and expand the life span of everything that needs plumbing in your home.  Abacus offers two options that can help you prevent or eliminate the effects of scale build-up and hard water:

Option 1: Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale System

The Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale Scale System is an environmentally friendly, cost efficient, maintenance-free alternative to conventional water softeners. This is a water treatment device that controls lime scale build-up and removes pre-existing lime scale. The Flow-Tech Anti-Scale System was made using state of the art technology, years of research and development from a team of chemical engineers and scientists. Flow-Tech Systems has created the most advanced chemical free water treatment system available today. This system is now available for the residential properties.

The Flow-Tech Home Anti-Scale System offers many benefits such as:

FlowTech Home

  • Save money as less soap and detergent is required
  • Does Not Use Salt or Chemicals eliminating maintenance costs
  • Protects Your Appliances and Fixtures
  • Removes Existing Scale Build-up
  • Increases Energy Efficiency of water using appliances
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Saves Space
  • Environmentally Friendly and Healthy
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • No Drain or Wasted Water

water softener

Option 2: Traditional Water Softeners

Traditional water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions from water and replace those ions with a potassium or sodium ion.  This eliminates the possibility of scale build-up.  After using a whole house water softener you’ll notice the better quality of the water you drink, shower with, and cook with.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get from having a Whole Home Water Softener:

  • Healthier and softer skin
  • A shower stall without water spots
  • Save money on soaps and detergents
  • Spot-free dishes using less soap
  • Prolong the life of your water heater by reducing scale buildup
  • Prolong the life of your dishwasher
  • Prolong the life of your faucets and all pipes

Watch the video below for more information on the effects of hard water. 


Water Filtration

FilterYou use the water inside your home for much more than just drinking. You clean with it, cook with it, and bathe in it. Your body absorbs a lot of water during baths or showers so only filtering the water you drink is no longer sufficient. That’s why Abacus recommend whole house water filtration. Water filtration reduces and/or eliminates the impurities and chemicals in your homes plumbing system. This gives you and your family clean, odor free, delicious water throughout your entire house. Water filters are different from water softeners and do not eliminate scale build-up.  If you’ve noticed the water in your home is not clear, smells bad, tastes bad, or makes your skin and hair dry, then  you should consider a whole home water filter. Whole house filtration can last your home more than a decade and it doesn’t need maintenance.

Here are some of the benefits of whole house water filters:

  • Dispenses a constant supply of delicious water throughout the whole house
  • Eliminates bad taste and odor by reducing chlorine, chloramines, carbon based organic compounds (VOC’s) such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents that are in your tap water
  • Enhances the flavor of food and water mixed beverages
  • Healthier and less wrinkled skin by eliminating chlorine from your baths
  • Extends the life of your fixtures, faucets, and pipes by removing chemicals in your water
  • Save money and time by not buying bottled water

Call Abacus today to consult with a licensed plumber and get the complete water treatment solution for your home.

Quarterly Water Treatment Maintenance Agreements (Buy 3 Visits, Get 1-Free):

Maintenance Agreements can only be purchased at time of first service, once a licensed technician has had an opportunity to inspect and evaluate your systems performance. The Quarterly Water Treatment Maintenance Plan is a pre-payment plan that includes 4 visits per year at a highly discounted rate to thank you for your ongoing business.


Each Water Treatment Maintenance Visit Includes:

  • Check salt levels and add up to 5 bags if needed and Haul off all empty salt bags when complete (Except for Carbon Filters)
  • Clean the brine tank (Except for Carbon Filters)
  • Test hardness of water before and after to ensure proper function of the unit/system (Carbon Filters will have a Chlorine test instead of hardness test)
  • Perform basic check for proper operation and regeneration cycle to avoid frequent plumbing repairs
  • Check timer for proper time of day
  • Inspect plumbing to Softener for leaks and proper insulation
  • Visually inspect Back Flow preventer
  • Visually inspect expansion tank on Water Heater.(if customer is home at time of inspection)
  • Prolong the life of many plumbing appliances such as water heaters, washer, and garbage disposals


Water Softener Maintenance: $483 per visit
Or, Buy 4 Visits at a Discount: $1,379 per year

Carbon Filter Maintenance: $225 per visit
Or, Buy 4 Visits at a Discount: $675 per year

*Any repairs needed will be additional unless under warranty through Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning. Contact us for more information.

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