Abacus Plumbing Company Awards $1,000 “Count on Us to Care” Scholarship

Houston, TX – July 8, 2010 – Abacus Plumbing Company, a leading residential and commercial plumbing company in the Houston area, has just awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Daniel Dietz, a local high school graduate. Dietz was awarded the first annual scholarship for exceptional grades and an outstanding service record in the community.

The scholarship is part of a recently launched program that will regularly offer monthly donations to different charities in the area. The program is intended to provide assistance to qualifying charities and non-profit programs throughout the metropolitan Houston area, as well as include an annual scholarship donation to a qualifying high school senior. Each month, Abacus management will select a charity to receive a check for $500. Charities will be selected based on their involvement and commitment to serving the needs of those living in the Houston area.

The Abacus Count on Us to Care Program was started to provide support to the Houston community, which Abacus has over 50 years’ experience serving. “We just wanted to give something back,” stated Alan O’Neill, president of Abacus Plumbing. “We pride ourselves on exceptional service in solving customers’ plumbing needs, and we are proud to award this year’s scholarship to a very deserving high school graduate,” he added.

The program was named after the Abacus brand promise of “You Can Count on Us”, which describes the Abacus commitment to offering reliability, professionalism, and integrity in their plumbing business. “We’re very excited to take our promise of ‘You Can Count on Us’ and apply it in a way that will positively impact our neighbors in many different ways,” O’Neill commented.

Learn more about the Abacus Plumbing Count on Us to Care Program.

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