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The blog by Alan O’Neill is meant to be helpful, valuable, interesting and educational in nature. Always check with a licensed plumber or air conditioning and heating contractor such as Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Houston prior to any work on your home.

Water Isn’t Always Good For You

Like many homeowners, we assume that because we have a municipal water source for our homes that the water is perfectly safe. But, sometimes, it isn’t. Many things can occur to contaminate the water between the water treatment plant and our kitchen sink. Pipes are susceptible to damage, which allows contaminants and pesticides to our […]

Hire Veterans Job Fair And Abacus Plumbing

The Redneck Country Club hosts 2-day ‘Hire Veterans Job Fair’ Tuesday, August 21, 2018. STAFFORD, Texas (KTRK) Print out your resumes, because a two-day job fair is planned for this week. The “Hire 100 Veterans Job Fair” will be held on Wednesday and Thursday at the Redneck Country Club in Stafford. There is a focus […]

Make Your Own Natural Spider Repellent

Texas has lots of different types of bugs, spiders and other insects. Some of these bugs are completely harmless to us, others are a real nuisance, especially when you find the unexpectedly in your home. Most of the time, finding one spider on the house plants doesn’t mean you have to immediately call the pest […]

Tips on protecting pipes and sprinklers. Featured on ABC13 KTRK Houston

Winterizing your outdoor pipes shouldn’t just be a winter chore. It really is important to protect your exposed pipes, faucets and sprinkler systems from freezing damage. KRTK recently reported on exactly how to properly winterize your outdoor pipes and provides some suggestions like: First, make sure you have located all outdoor pipes, faucets, sprinkler system […]

Fire Place Safety

In Texas, we expect hot, humid summers. But, we may also have cold, icy winter weather, too. Severe snow and ice storms may be rare, but they arrive quickly. When the cold arrives, a fireplace becomes more than an attractive aesthetic feature of our homes. Fireplaces become the center of our holiday atmosphere and a […]

Get Ready For The Next Hurricane

The weather along the gulf coast in Texas right now is beautiful. But, yet more rain is predicted for Houston. While our weather is good right now, further east there is a hurricane pounding Florida. And hurricane season isn’t over. The 2018 season was predicted to be a bit milder that most initially, but predictions […]

What To Do After All That Rain

If you’ve been in Texas lately, you’ll have been quite soggy. It’s rained and rained. It’s setting. records. And, it’s not going to stop soon. The forecast for the next two weeks includes more rain almost every day. What do we do with all that water? How do we make sure our homes aren’t waterlogged?  […]

The Painful Truth Aboout Yellow Jackets

When you live in Texas, you expect to encounter stinging insects. But, some are much worse than others. Like a little black ant bite isn’t a big deal compared to a fire ant bite. Some insects also become more aggressive at certain times. Southern Living Magazine details the painful truth about yellow jackets. Why Yellow […]

Houston’s Already Great

Houston is a wonderful place to live. It’s near the coast, which is great for weekend getaways. It has rich and vibrant environment for arts and culture. It always has a very long list of events and things to do. But, as Houstonians and Texas coast dwellers, we can make it better. And Houstonia has […]

Abacus Automatic Messaging for your Peace of Mind

Our customers are our #1 priority as is their safety and knowledge that their next service appointment with us progresses smoothly and without any issues. This is why we’re proud to introduce Abacus Automatic Messaging, a new feature that will let you know who’s coming, at what time and will provide you with details about […]

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