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At The Top Of The List, Again!

Houston is a wonderful place to live. It’s near the coast, which is great for weekend getaways. It has a rich and vibrant environment for arts and culture. It always has a very long list of events and things to do. As Houstonians and Texas coast dwellers, we can certainly understand why some of our […]

Stay Warm, Houston

No relief from the frigid, wintery weather is coming soon, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures could rise to 32 degrees in southern portions of the Houston area, but the thermometer could remain in the upper 20s, too. With the hard freeze and winter storm warnings in place for the Houston area through Tuesday, […]

Top How-to Questions During a Hard Freeze: Pipes, Water Heaters, Tankless Heaters

Most Important Plumbing, Water Heater and Tankless “How To’s” After A Hard Freeze Below are some of the most common Plumbing FAQ’s following a hard-freeze. Due to overwhelming call volume, these DIY tips can help you right away until a licensed plumber can get to your home for a full evaluation and fix. You should […]

Featured On KPRC NEWS 2 Abacus Plumbing Pros Advise Houston Homeowners on Frozen Pipes

Abacus Plumbing Pros Advise Homeowners on Frozen Pipes Bursting in Homes Across Houston Area The crazy-cold weather in Houston this week has shocked us all. Many of us don’t remember it ever being this cold, and for good reason—the last time Houston experienced multiple days of below-freezing temperatures was decades ago. With the extreme weather […]

What to Do About Frozen and Burst Pipes in Houston

What to Do About Frozen and Burst Pipes in Houston Have your water pipes frozen and burst? Abacus Plumbing Featured On KPRC NEWS 2 Of Houston You’re not alone. Thousands of homeowners in the Houston area are dealing with frozen, burst pipes during these days of highly unusual freezing weather. At Abacus Plumbing Houston, our […]

How to Protect Your Pool & Sprinkler Systems During Freezing Weather

How to Protect Your Pool & Sprinkler Systems During Freezing Weather When temperatures drop and it gets very cold, homeowners must take proactive measures to keep irrigation pipes and swimming pools from freezing. (For home water pipe protection, Click to view this post.) Pool Protection During a Freeze In milder climates, running a pool pump […]

How To Protect Your Pipes In Freezing Weather

Protect Your Pipes in Freezing Weather Are you ready for freezing weather? More to the point, are the pipes in your home or building ready? When we say pipes, we’re talking about water pipes that run through, around, or under unheated areas of a home or building. Water sitting in unprotected pipes during very cold […]

Richmond’s Amazing Kids

This year has been a tough one in Houston. Flooding, hurricanes, Covid, school closures, and more piled onto the normal everyday troubles we all have can seem to be overwhelming. And, sometimes it is. Especially for our kids. A couple of those kids decided that the headlines needed to change for their peers and themselves. […]

Membership Has Its Privileges

When you buy a house, you also buy the problems that go with it, like an aging HVAC system or hard water issues.  Even trees that are planted too close to the house can cause plumbing and foundation issues. Every homeowner needs to have a reliable, efficient, and professional home service company that can address […]

Houston Has A New Outdoor Attraction

Houston and the Houston area is expansive. There are always new areas to explore. New business to visit. New urban wildernesses to discover. And, Houston is about to get another new outdoor attraction. The Houston Chronicle has published the announcement that over 600 acres will be conserved by The Houston Audubon Society for us to […]