Abacus Maintenance Plans for your Houston Home

Every Houston home requires maintenance and keeping up with it can be a daunting task. Abacus is here to help! Each of the plan options below are tailor-made to cover any one or all maintenance items your home requires on a monthly to annual basis.

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Abacus VIP Membership

Your ALL in ONE VIP Membership Plan

  • 24/7 Priority Service
  • Savings on EVERY Repair
  • Unlimited Drain Cleaning
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
  • Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Maintenance

Water Softener Maintenance

Water Softeners require regular maintenance and we have a solution to ensure the best water quality for your home.

  • Longer lasting fixtures, water heaters, and water using appliances.
  • Softer skin and hair.
  • Reduced need for soaps and fabric softeners (less soap scum)
  • Softer Towels
  • More efficient water heater saving you money
  • Less time spent cleaning

Drain Maintenance with BioOne™

Keep your drains running free and clear and save thousands on repairs with regular applications of BioOne™

  • BioOne™ can degrade stubborn inorganic & hazardous contaminants from your pipes
  • All Natural and U.S. EPA Safer Choice Program recognized
  • Composed of 100% life vegetative microbes
  • Manufactured to food-safe standards

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