Houston Hydro Jetting, Sewer Jetting, Drain Jetting Service for Residential and Commercial Plumbing Needs

Hydro jetting Houston area drain and sewer lines generally means using high pressure water machines in drains and sewer lines to remove stoppages caused from tree roots, grease or other materials. Our Houston Hydro Jetting service is used to clean and clear clogged drains and sewer lines.

High Pressure Drain Cleaning and Hydro Jetting in Houston

Abacus hydro jetting technology can be used for a variety of needs such as cleaning sewer lines and underground pipes. This hydro-jet drain technology must be done by specialized technicians who can do the work quickly and efficiently. These commercial plumbing grade hydro-jet drain and sewer machines are very expensive and complex and have a lot of power to remove and clear heavy grease and roots that most commonly are the reason for clogged, stopped up and backed up drains and sewer lines. But it can be used to remove lots of other heavy materials efficiently too, saving thousands in pipe or drain replacement (which Abacus plumbing does too) if drains are broken or cracked and need replacement.

Top Five Reasons You Need to Hire a Hydro Jetting Houston Based Company like Abacus

  1. Fix emergency drain or sewer problems
  2. Get your drain or sewer lines flowing at full capacity
  3. Help clear the drain enough to use cameras or cable machinery
  4. Help prevent severe drain line or sewer pipe problems
  5. Eliminate risk of lost revenue and use of your commercial or retail facility

Sewer Jetting and Hydro Jetting Service in Houston

Whether it’s pipes and drains in your home like kitchen and bathrooms to office parks, restaurants or commercial facilities including storm and sewer drainage, Abacus Plumbing’s hydrojetting service in Houston, TX will solve most of your drain or sewer problems.

Abacus Plumbing’s high pressure jetting machine is mounted on a trailer and produces eighteen gallons per minute at 4,000 PSI and has a three-hundred gallon water tank.

Our jetter has 500 feet of high pressure jetting hose which swivels and delivers pressurized cleaning water where needed. Abacus jetter is able to clean or clear sewer lines or pipes from 1-1/2″ to 3″ in diameter up to 18 inches.

Abacus’ hydro-jetter equipment can work up to 4000 PSI to clean all type of drain line systems. Our electric technology can be brought easily to your house, office, or any of your restaurants to clean your drainage systems.

Houston Drain and Sewer Hydro Jet Pressure Cleaning

Sewer jetting or sewer hydro jetting can be referred to as drain jetting. Jetting is the most efficient process for cleaning or clearing clogged drain and sewer lines.

If your pipes are clogged with hardened grease, rust, dirt, roots or other debris and materials, call Abacus Plumbing to get the most effective drain and sewer jetting service available in Houston, Texas.

Abacus guarantees all their work and provides quotes up front. And Abacus can inspect your drain or sewer lines with a camera as needed. Jetting your drain or sewer lines first are critical in getting a clear video of the drain to see if there’s any more problems or concerns that need to be addressed such as cracked or broken pipes, belly in the line or roots breaking through.

Abacus is a professional, licensed plumber in Houston that specializes in residential and commercial drain and sewer jetting services. Try Abacus sewer hydro jetting service today.

Hydro Jetting versus Power Washers

Hydro jetting should only be done by licensed, insured professional drain and sewer professionals. There are many stories about people getting hurt, injured or even killed by high pressure hoses getting loose and hurting those using the machine, including professionals. So when it comes to Hydro Jetting Houston, this is not a job for do it yourselfers.

Hydro jetting uses very high pressure water, usually between 1,500 to 4,000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) and can even go up to 10,000 PSI and is used to clear and clean seriously clogged drains. Hydro jetting has mostly been used for commercial use such as hospitals, factories or restaurants but has become more commonly used in residential applications to clear home drain and sewer lines.

How a hydro jet works:

A jet nozzle with a forward jet is always used to penetrate or cut through a root mass or blockage which allows rear to fully move through the blockage. Nozzles with forward jets are only used to open a clogged sewer or drain line. Once flow has been re-established, an all rear jet is used to clean the line. This is a basic high pressure jetting procedure used on all pipes and all diameters.

The jet pushing water forward clears the blockage initially, while the reverse flow (pushing water out of the back of the nozzle) propels the jet through the line.

In some cases the tool will rotate to ensure the line is thoroughly cleaned. Only the power of the water moves the tool through the drain rather than being powered by electric motors. The electric motor, however, is critical in pressuring the water through the line for very effective drain cleaning and clearing sewer blockages.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting and Sewer Jetting in Houston, Texas

  • Hydro jetting sewer and drain lines can help prevent digging up and replacing pipes
  • Hydro jetting can quickly resolve clogged drain lines for residential and commercial
  • Hydro jetting is much more cost affordable than replacing drain and sewer lines
  • Hiring a company like Abacus Plumbing in Houston to Hydro Jet your drain lines is easy and much safer than trying to do it yourself

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