Smoke Detectors & CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detectors

Smoke detectorsSmoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are vital in keeping your family safe. Houston electricians can assist you in planing where the detectors will benefit your family the most. In most cases you should place smoke detectors in all bedrooms and one at the top of every staircase of your home. CO detectors should be placed next to sleeping areas but kept at least ten feet away from stoves in order to avoid any false alarms.

If a smoke or CO detector goes off inside your home, make sure to immediately go outside. Call the fire department and don’t go back inside until they tell you it’s safe to do so.  Existing wiring for smoke and CO Detectors should have a basic electrical inspection, to be sure the wiring is not worn. 

Test your smoke alarms every month and change the batteries once every year to keep them operating correctly. You should replace your CO detectors every five to seven years and replace your smoke detectors every ten years.