National Superhero Day – April 28, 2020

Hey, Houston! Did you know that today is National Superhero day? So, thank your Superheros and settle in to watch your favorite superhero movies. According to National Today, there’s a long history for our superheroes. 

National Superhero Day – April 28, 2020

Marvel employees created National Superhero Day on April 28, 1995 to celebrate everyone’s favorite superhero. This is for superheroes only — we all know villains aren’t deserving of their own day.

Still, the idea behind superhero day is to honor those who serve and protect while fighting evil. No matter who your favorite hero is, honoring the real or fictional people that inspire us is a worthwhile cause this April 28.

Holy holiday, Batman! Let’s get started…


For a day that’s all about celebrating superheros, it’s no surprise that National Superhero Day was founded by Marvel Comics in 1995. Now, every year since its birth on April 28, 1995, people come together annually on this day to celebrate all their favorite heros. No matter if your fav heroes are fictional or real, this is the day to be thankful for them.

If you don’t know about Marvel Comics, think about all those superheros you loved growing up (and probably still love). We’re talking about Spiderman, Thor, Ironman, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and many other fan favorites. Those heroes are all from Marvel comics. Marvel Comics as in the creators of “The Fantastic Four,” “The Avengers,” and “X-Men.” However, Marvel superheroes aren’t the only ones out there. If you’re a fan of Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman, those superheroes were created by DC Comics, and they are equally celebrated on this day!

Did you know the first superhero ever was created in 1936. The superhero was named Phantom, and he started with his own comic strip in a U.S. newspaper. This was the first known beginnings of a published superhero, and now there are hundreds of well-known heroes that everyone loves.

As for the real-life superheroes, National Superhero Day also recognizes the heroes that people look up to every day. No matter if they wear masks, capes, scrubs, or uniforms, everyone has someone they think of as a superhero. This national day began and grew so that everyone’s role models could get a well-deserved shout out for whatever hard work they do. Who’s your favorite superhero?




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles join the action

Everyone’s favorite fighting turtles got their own comic, which became a television show later.


Superheroes take over the Big Screen

The current superhero take over at the cinemas can trace itself back to the success of Superman in 1978.


Spiderman makes his debut

His first appearance was in the 15th edition of Amazing Fantasy.


The first female superhero is introduced

The very first female superhero, Fantomah, was introduced with the release of Jungle Comics #2.


The first superhero, Phantom, is created

The character’s whited out eyes became a feature of many later superheroes, including Batman.

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