A Few Tips from a Professional Plumbing Services Provider to Keep the “Pain out of Your Drain”

Posted on: August 18, 2012
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Drain & Sewer, Plumbing

Abacus clog freeIs a clogged drain “causing a pain in your drain” within your business or home’s sink? It happens to all of us from time to time. It’s a good idea to keep a plumbing professional’s contact information on hand, just in case such an urgent need arises. Until a qualified plumbing services specialist can get to your home or business, there are a few steps you can take to try and unclog the drain.

Step One: Plug the overflow sink area with a washcloth, while placing a plunger over the mouth of the clogged drain.

Step Two: Press plunger down firmly and then quickly pull it up. Repeat this 20 – 30 times to remove the debris from the clogged drain.

Step Three: Repeat until drain unclogs.

Step FourWatch our helpful video that explains this process clearly

If you still experience clogged drain problems, schedule drain & sewer service online with Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning or by calling 832-554-9951. Our experienced staff are ready to tackle your toughest drain problems. Online requests that are submitted after-hours will be addressed on the next business day. In case of an extreme emergency, call 832-554-9951.

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