Abacus Plumbing’s 7 Step Process COVID 19 Response Houston

Posted on: April 10, 2020
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Announcements

This Is Our Seven Step Process in Order to Keep You, Your Family and Our Technicians as Safe and Healthy as Possible.

1 Our technicians are screened daily by their managers to see if they’re displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

2 While we normally like to shake hands with our customers, we have asked our technicians not to do this and practice social distance.

3 Our technicians will sanitize their trucks before they arrive to your home and will do so after they completed their job.

4 Technicians are given an adequate supply of personal protective equipment, this includes gloves and shoe covers that we were using before the COVID-19 crisis. We are ensuring that our technicians are disposing these after each call. Also, we have purchased an adequate supply of safety masks that will protect you and our technicians on a daily basis.

5 We are practicing social distancing within your home as best we can.

6 Sixth, our technicians are provided with sanitizing spray bottles that they will spray on their work area before and after their job is completed. Also, our Technicians are equipped with hand sanitizing packets that they will wipe down their iPhone and their iPad before and after use.

7 Our customer care representatives will be asking you questions if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms before our technicians arrive to the job. As you can see, we are taking every step to ensure that our technicians, you and your family are safe and healthy. Here at Abacus, you can count on us.

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