AC Maintenance: The Secret To Avoiding Heating and Cooling Breakdowns

Posted on: November 17, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Air Conditioning

AC Maintenance In Houston For Homeowners

Keeping your A/C as efficient as possible is the goal when it comes to cooling your home. During the summer month especially, your A/C unit is probably getting a lot of use! In fact, you are probably using it for a good majority of time out of every day.

 Air conditioner systems definitely aren’t the most glamorous part of owning a home. But there are actually some amazing new futuristic technologies—some in development, some already on the market—that will help keep your home the coolest on the block, whether right now or in the future.

Air Conditioner Maintenance At Home

Because heating and cooling costs can easily make up half of a household’s energy bill, it makes sense to have a regular maintenance program to keep the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) equipment operating at peak efficiency.

The normal wear and tear makes equipment work harder to provide the levels of comfort we expect, making it less efficient, which translates to higher heating and cooling bills. Even relatively new equipment can lose about one percent of its efficiency per year if it is not properly maintained.

More Reasons for Maintenance

In addition to keeping energy costs down, there are other reasons why it helps to maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis.

  • Fewer Breakdowns. Regular maintenance can help prevent minor problems, like that worn belt that makes that odd noise from your unit. It can also help you avoid major breakdowns that take the system out of operation completely. These major problems always seem to happen at the worst possible time, such as in the middle of a major blizzard or during the hottest days of the summer. Unfortunately, those are the times that HVAC contractors are at their busiest, which means you may have trouble getting someone to fix the problem.
  • Longer-Lasting Equipment. Properly maintained equipment tends to last longer than equipment that is ignored. Household budgets take a major hit when you need to replace HVAC equipment or even make a major repair. Even minor problems can affect the life of the system.
  • Safety Concerns. Some HVAC problems can be dangerous, such as a short circuit on equipment that runs on electricity, or a cracked heat exchanger that leaks carbon monoxide into the air. Regular maintenance can help identify and avoid such problems.

Setting Up a Maintenance Routine

HVAC maintenance consists of two components: The simple tasks you can perform, and the more complicated checkup and tune-up that requires a professional HVAC technician. The actual work performed during the call will depend on the equipment you have. Arrange for routine maintenance.

Work in partnership with your technician, and take these simple steps to extend the life of your system.

  • Hire a technician to check the conditions of hoses and belts, how well the controls work, and whether all of the electrical connections are tight. The technician will also check the entire system for leaks.
  • Follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for changing filters on forced-air systems, usually about every three months. Ask the HVAC contractor for advice if you are not sure how to change the filters.
  • Check around the house to make sure that heating and cooling vents, baseboard heaters and radiators are not blocked by furniture. Vacuum the face of the vents to remove dust and other debris.
  • Central air-conditioning systems have an outdoor component that houses the compressor and condenser. This part of the system dumps the hot air from your house to the outside as part of the cooling cycle. Keep leaves and other debris off of the top of the unit, and clear a two- to three-foot space around the unit to help it work properly. Read more….

The Benefits Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

A/C maintenance is more important than you might think. In addition to helping your Air Conditioner run better and avoiding future problems, you will also be saving precious time and money.Call (713) 812-7070 us for your home service and repair needs.

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