Air Conditioner Maintenance Can Alleviate Houston Summer Heat

Posted on: June 24, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Air Conditioning

Surviving Summer Heat, Central Air Conditioning Service Houston Keeps You Cool

Central air conditioning units require service to keep them in great working order and for them to keep your Houston home cool during our hot summer months. 

Most people have one question in common regarding their central air conditioning systems and it is- how frequently should the central air conditioners be serviced? It is true that air conditioners make our life easy and comfortable at home, office or wherever we are. During summers, they give us relief with their cool air and in winters, they keep us warm with their soothing heat.

Central Air Conditioning Units Require Filter Changes To Maintain Quality Service

While you cannot service your own central air conditioning system when it breaks down, you can prevent the need for repairs in the first place. Simple maintenance can go a long way towards keeping your system running efficiently.

Surviving Summer Heat

Maintain your AC and it will maintain you

For those who reside in a sunny area, suffer from annoying heat and wish to renovate living space or add new stylish detail to one’s apartment, it is possible to find here tips and tricks on how to maintain, repair or install an AC.

Maintaining steady work

We are all familiar with the situation when the heat outside makes it impossible to stay outdoor and we are seeking a haven inside. In order to feel ourselves comfortable and create pleasant and relaxing conditions, we have to maintain our AC. To do so, it is vital to stick to few rules while using your device:

  • Keep it clean. In case you observe a mold inside ducts or on any other parts – it is a sign that your AC must be cleaned and the best way to do this is to address a service provider’s specialist who cleans air ducts.

Timely cleaned air ducts can also prevent some health and breathing problems as your air will be cleaner and fresh. It is a well-known fact that dirty air causes allergies and weakens the immune system as ducts might be cluttered with dust and infested with vermin;

  • If not used often – AC must be removed or covered. In this way it will be protected from dust and weather conditions (in case of outdoor unit).
  • Check and replace the filters if needed. It is a vital procedure if you have any pets in the house.

To ensure the air quality it is a must to change clogged and dirty filters, moreover it will save up to 15% of energy consumption.

Energy saving tips

The smaller the difference between outdoor and indoor temperature the less energy is used. So here we will give some recommendations on how to spend money wisely:

  • First of all try to use shades or plant extra trees closer to your windows to create more shade. It will cool down the temperature around your house;
  • Use portable unit if you are cooling down only one room. These devices are consuming up to 50% less energy than central air unit;
  • Try solar screens, they block up to 80% of the sun’s rays and at the same time protect your furniture;
  • To increase a cooling effect you can use fans. Arranging them wisely, you will create a constant air flow and there will be no need in continuous air conditioning;
  • Also you can save money simply by replacing your old AC to a new one as they consume less energy.

We mentioned only few ways of cutting down your expenses. Of course, there are a lot of them and we are sure you can invent your own methods to cool yourself down wisely.

Houston Air Conditioning Service Company Can Help Keep You Cool 

Preservation is part of any item you own throughout life. If you want your central air conditioning unit to remain in good shape, you have to take care of it. Cooling systems are expensive and an item you don’t want to replace often, a little maintenance can go a long way and prevent the deterioration of your central air conditioning.

Abacus air conditioning technicians are the best in the area and certified to work on most all brands of central air conditioning units. Call for information, repairs, and maintenance and don’t sweat the summer heat. (713) 812-7070

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