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Posted on: June 21, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Energy Saving

Asking The Woodlands Texas Electrician Questions On Home Electrical Savings

Ask The Woodland Texas ElectriciansHomebuyers and sellers near The Woodlands Texas will enjoy finding out information on home electrical usage and savings. Energy use is one expense that is on going so asking local electricians for ideas on saving money has helped many in the area.

One thing that people don’t often think to ask an electrician is whether there is anything you can do to help lower your electric bill for your home. Another good safety question to ask The Woodlands Tx electrician is about your receptacles in your home and if they should be replaced. 

Electrical Repair Services In The Woodlands Is Just Part Of An Electricians Work

The Woodlands Texas area is blessed with many knowledge electricians who can help with electrical repair in your home but, also provide information on your homes energy usage, best light bulbs to use, electrical panel upgrades, and rewiring options that can reduce your electric bill. 

Some DIY Electrical Work Should Only Be Done With Proper Information

The Ask Electrician The Woodlands Texas Community Impact

Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning, & Electrical of Houston Texas was please to contribute information to the this article published in The Woodlands Texas Community Impact paper. 

Ask an electrician

By Abigail Loop

Local electricians answer questions about trends and offer tips to homebuyers and sellers considering buying or selling a home in our around The Woodlands.

What are the best ways to conserve energy in your home?

Older homes are more susceptible to energy inefficiencies and [homeowners] should be more proactive about energy-saving upgrades than with some of the newer homes, but the same rules apply to everyone. Attics are one of the most important considerations in energy efficiency. This is where a lot of energy transfer takes place and improperly insulated attics can wreak havoc on energy bills, especially in the summer here in Houston. There have been a lot of improvements over the years in attic insulation, and replacing old insulation is a wise choice.

What are the most effective ways to cut lighting costs?

Lighting equates to about 10 percent of energy costs. About 10 to 15 percent of the electricity, which traditional lightbulbs consume, converts into actual light. New [compact fluorescent lightbulbs] can reduce 75 percent of that energy versus using traditional incandescent bulbs.

Where do the majority of energy costs come from in a home?

Some of the key areas of the home where homeowners may be wasting energy comes from computers. Believe it or not, electronics, such as computers, that are left on all day can cost 21 cents per day, or about $75 per year, in electricity costs. Also, single pane glass windows can have one of the biggest impacts on energy costs. Sealing these windows, or better yet, replacing these older windows with new energy-efficient windows, will have a dramatic effect on energy savings and home comfort.

Electricians In The Woodlands Tx Enjoy Educating Consumers On Energy Use

Local electricians in The Woodlands can play a great role in educating and informing homeowners about the age of their electrical system and possible upgrades, safety concerns that apply to the electrical panel or circuit breaker in their home in addition to many ideas for saving money on one’s electricity bill. 

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