Best AC Temperature: How To Stay Cool And Save Money

Posted on: November 28, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Air Conditioning

AC Temperature For Cool Summer In Houston

AC Temperature is imperative if you want your air conditioner to last as long as it should and keep you and your family comfortable on even the hottest days of the summer.When you don’t schedule a regular tune-up with an HVAC technician, you put yourself at risk of having to pay for inefficient energy use or a costly repair.

If your AC unit is older, you may be wondering how much life it has left in it. Most air conditioners will provide you with signs before it actually fails.

The Best AC Temperature At Home

In the heat of the summer, it’s tempting to run the air conditioning full blast 24/7. However, that’s not exactly environmentally friendly – or easy on your wallet. So what to do? How can you find that happy medium: an A/C temperature that will keep your home comfortably cool without turning you into an energy hog?

Try the Energy Star Recommendation

Energy Star recommends running your air conditioner at no lower than 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5 Celsius) to maximum your home’s energy efficiency (which, in dollars and cents, translates to lowered electricity costs). This is very close to the national average high temperature for the month of May – in other words, a pleasant spring day.

Find What’s Comfortable for You

Experiment with keeping your thermostat at the recommended 78-degree low for several days as you and your household go about your regular activities. How comfortable are you? Could you live with turning up the HVAC a few more degrees? Alternatively, do you have a family member who cannot tolerate high temperatures due to a medical condition? (People with multiple sclerosis, for instance, frequently find their symptoms worsen in the heat.)

Give Your HVAC a Helping Hand

Should you have a really hard time with an indoor temperature of 78 F, before you reach for the A/C remote there are a few more tips to try out. Give your HVAC system a boost with an electric fan or two (preferably ceiling mounted). These low-energy devices will help the chilled air to circulate and draw hot air upwards, leaving you feeling cooler.

Painting your home a pale color that reflects the sun’s rays and shading sunny windows with shutters, blinds, or heavy drapes will play a part in reducing interior temperatures. Proper insulation benefits you in summer and winter alike, by limiting the amount of outside air that gets into the house. Read more….

The Benefits Of Energy Efficiency Of AC Temperature

If there are multiple ductless “zones” in a home or structure, you can control the temperature in each room instead of using a thermostat for the entire house — making them more energy efficient. As much as 20 percent of air moving through a traditional central air duct system can get lost due to holes or leaks, according to Energy Star. Call (713) 812-7070 us for your home service and repair needs.

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