Choosing A Circuit Breaker Panel

Posted on: October 31, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Electrician

How Important To Choose A Right Breaker Panel

The breaker panel is an important component of the electrical supply system in your home. As the power distributes to your house from the utility company, it goes through the electrical meter, through the electrical supply system and then to the breaker panel. Choosing the right breaker panel is necessary to get the maximum protection for your home.

This video explained what is Circuit Breaker.

How to Choose a Breaker Panel

Churning with voltage and resembling an explosion at the wire factory, the breaker panel exudes mystique. But it’s just a big switch, filled with other smaller ­switches, which lead to the switches that any home­owner can fearlessly flip. Doing so conjures a current of electrons that runs along copper wires, energizing our appliances, lights and modern lives. Breaker-panel literacy isn’t only for voltage veterans who recite the National Electrical Code. Even if all you wonder is whether your humble hot tub dreams are electrically attainable, or why the toaster oven kills the kitchen lights—the panel has a thing or two to tell you.

Understand the components of your breaker panel. The main breaker in the breaker panel identifies the amperage capacity of your breaker panel and limits the amount of electricity that flows through it. The bus bars transmit power from the electrical meter through two thick black wires. The power is then carried through the circuit breakers to the circuits.

Determine the amperage capacity for your home when choosing a breaker panel. For example, if your home uses 150 amps of electricity, the breaker panel should be able to handle 150 or more amps. Circuit breakers that provides 100 to 150 amps are more commonly used in homes.

Consider the types of circuit breakers that is required. For example, single pole circuit breakers are generally used for receptacles and lighting, with ratings of 15 to 20 amps. Double pole circuit breakers are normally used for hot water heaters and appliances.

Calculate the total load for the circuit when choosing a breaker panel. Keep in mind that circuit breakers operates at 80% of its capacity. For example, if your circuit breaker is rated at 20 amps, it should only use 16 amps. Locate the loads of each devices, which is usually indicated on a sticker on each appliance.

Home Safety Tips Of Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are essential for the safety of every home. The increasing number of electronic and electrical appliances puts especially high demands on the wiring found in older homes, and make circuit breakers even more critical. When home wiring circuits are overloaded, the wiring heats up, insulation can become damaged and the potential for fires increases. Incorrect use of extension cords can add to the problem. Call (713) 812-7070 us for your home service and repair needs.

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