Dangers In Your Home After A Flood

Posted on: April 27, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Press Releases

Plumber Electrician and HVAC Company in Katy TX  HOUSTON,TX April Wednesday 27th, 2016 Houston has experienced unprecedented rainfall, not only has it cost Houstonians their lives but now we are dealing with the aftermath. The many rain tragedies has everyone looking to the media for help on ways to safely recover from the deadly flood. The unknown dangers that lurk in our homes after the storm can not only cause more damage, but in some cases, death. In fact, backdrafting and flooding are caused by an excessive amount of water backing up your sewer systems, potentially filling your home or business with dangerous chemicals and gallons of water.

Homeowners may be tempted to rush into their homes in an attempt to get rid of the water as quickly as they can,but this a very dangerous idea and potentially deadly. Even something as small as unseen exposed electric wires and chords hiding under the water can lead to bodily injury.

Home Flood Hit List:

Plumbing vents and exhaust system installed too closely to a door, soffit vent, window, or bathroom/kitchen vent can be a hazard

  • Reentry of sewer gases is significantly worse during rain, sewer, or storm drain when flooded 
  • Clear all ventilation and exhaust systems of debris 
  • Electrical danger zones & what you need to know before you re-enter your home 

Common factors that result in negative air pressure with in your home include:

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Exhaust Fans
  • Fireplaces
  • Exhaust Ventilation Systems
  • Tight Building Construction 


Flooding generally occurs when there is standing water above the house foundation grade outside your home resulting in 6” or more standing water within your basement. This standing water can be a result of heavy rain, a river that has overflown, or backed up sewage lines. Even seepage from small cracks in your basements foundation that result in one half inch to a full inch of water can cause serious damage that costs thousands of dollars to fix. 

Do not enter a flooded room or area where electrical equipment may still be plugged in – there is a high risk of shock. Remember, electricity can travel through water or wet material like carpets.

If the main switch at your electrical panel was left in the “on” position prior to a flood, contact your LDC (local utility) to ensure power to the building has been disconnected before attempting to access the panel. Never assume any part of a flooded electrical system is safe, not even the main switch or circuit breaker.


Back–drafting occurs when negative air pressure inside a home or building draws gases and other chemicals into the building from a plumbing drain system that is typically backed up with rain water. This results in the spreading of unpleasant and sometime dangerous odors, such as explosive methane gas, throughout your home.

If mold does begin to form, the EPA recommends using effective fungicides that can be purchased at major home improvement stores. If however, the mold growth is extensive and visible it is highly suggested that you immediately hire a certified professional to remove all the mold from your basement.

How to Prevent Home Floods

  • Inspect Roof Gutters and Downspouts
  • Run a 65 to 70 Pints Per Day Capacity Dehumidifier 24/7 from April – October
  • Install 10 milliliter Plastic Vapor Barriers Between Finished Carpet and the Basement Floor
  • Properly Install Drywall
  • Install a Sump Pump Equipped with a Backup Battery Supply
  • Repair All Vertical Cracks in the Foundation

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