Electrical Maintenance And Installation Inspection

Posted on: October 18, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Electrician

Importance Of Electrical Installation And Maintenance

Whether you live in a commercial or domestic property it is considered highly beneficial and important to have electrical maintenance. All property owners should consider the proper installation and care of their electrical systems in order to preserve its efficiency and safety. Find in this useful article the value that electrical maintenance can bring, discussing its benefits as well as the best ways for implementation.

Electrical maintenance troubleshooting electrical circuit.

Electrical Installations Inspection and Maintenance

This standard stipulates that the inspection and maintenance of installations shall be carried out only by experienced personnel, whose training has included instruction on the various types of protection and installation practices, the requirements of this standard, the relevant national regulations/company rules applicable to the installation and on the general principles of area classification.

Three inspections are normally requested:

  • initial inspection of plant or equipment is brought into service,
  • regular inspections in time,
  • inspection following any adjustment, maintenance, repair, reclamation, modification or replacement.

Frequency of inspection

The determination of the time interval between inspections shall be taken into account the process and the factors affecting the deterioration of equipment (susceptibility to corrosion, exposure to chemicals or solvents, likelihood of accumulation of dust or dirt, likelihood of water ingress, exposure to excessive ambient temperature, risk of mechanical damage, exposure to undue vibration, training and experience of personnel, likelihood of unauthorized modifications or adjustments and likelihood of inappropriate maintenance, for example that which is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation).
But the interval between periodic inspections shall not exceed three years without seeking expert advice.

Degree of inspection

  • Visual inspection: faults directly visible such as missing buttons or missing gasket, not well screw cable entries.
  • Close inspection: visual inspection and in addition detection faults (Close inspection does not normally require the enclosure to be opened, nor the equipment switched off).
  • Detailed inspection: such as loose connections, detected after opening the enclosure.

Electrical Maintenance

During a period when maintenance is being carried out the normal area classification drawings may not be applicable. If dangerous substances have been removed, it may be possible to treat areas normally classified as hazardous as non-hazardous. Alternatively, if the maintenance creates the larger than normal risk of a release of a dangerous substance, larger areas may need to be treated as hazardous. It is not normally necessary to create new area classification drawings for the duration of the maintenance work. Call (713) 812-7070 us for your home service and repair needs.

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