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Posted on: July 13, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Plumbing

Gas Line Leak Prevention: Warning of Potential dangers for Houston Homeowners

Gas leaks can not only cause massive amounts of damage to a home, but they can also put your family at severe risk of gas or carbon monoxide poisoning.Gas line leaks, whether big or small, should be dealt with immediately to avoid unpleasant and potentially dangerous symptoms. Conducting regular inspections, especially between seasons of extreme temperature changes, helps ensure homes are up to code and safe from gas leaks.

Gas Line Leak is dangerous so this video show how to repair Gas Line.

How to Repair a Gas Line Leak

A gas line leak is experienced when the pipe that transports it from one location to another suffers a tear or a scratch that often result from high pressure. Natural gas, gasoline and other substances either in liquid or gaseous form are transported using gas lines. Gas leaks are hazardous and it is important for people to know how to repair them if they occur and in the process avert serious dangers.

Gas line leakage is rare, but can be extremely dangerous. Natural gas buildup in an enclosed area can cause illness or even an explosion. Gas pipe leaks can also happen outside the home and are equally as dangerous.

How to Repair a Gas Line Leak: Step by Step

Step 1: Turn off the Gas

Working with gas is very dangerous, and it is important to turn it off to allow for a safe repair process.

Step 2: Remove the Covers

Gas lines come with outer covers that are mostly made of plastic. Remove them to expose the gas pipes underneath. Fit into your gas mask since inhaling such gases is risky to your respiratory system. Make sure to wear the gloves.

 Step 3: Detach the Gas Line

Gas line leaks result from high pressure inside the pipe. To repair the leak, remove the low-pressure gas line from the gas regulator. This step is important, as it will help, you access the line with high pressure.

Step 4: Remove The Residue Gas Pressure

The lines will definitely contain gas residues, and it this will require you to remove it in order to relieve the pipe. To do this, crack the line fittings that are present in the high-pressure line. You will use the wrenches to perform this task. Read more.

Preventing gas leaks in the home

Preventing gas leaks in the home is as easy as scheduling regular gas line inspections and ensuring proper installation of gas lines by professionals. Contact us by calling (713) 812-7070 for your home service and repair needs.

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