How You Can Benefit from a Whole-House Humidifier

Posted on: July 12, 2013
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Plumbing

Water can cause significant damage to your home, but dry air can be just as harmful, albeit in different ways. Most homes have a relative humidity level between 30% and 60%, which is ideal for protecting your home and health without causing mold growth. However, dry regions are fairly common throughout Houston and can reduce indoor humidity levels, resulting in various issues throughout your home. Chances are you won’t have issues during the summer, but once it starts to cool down you may want to consider installing a whole-home humidifier to:

Get Rid of Static Electricity

Dry air tends to generate static electricity more easily than humid air, and things can quickly become frustrating when you’re constantly suffering minor shocks every time you touch a door knob or other metal surface. You could avoid wearing insulated materials such as rubber-soled shoes or wool, but a whole-home humidifier can make a world of difference.

Ease Dry Skin and Respiratory Issues

Low humidity can also dry out your skin and cause a variety of other health issues, including sore throats, bloody noses, cracked lips, and asthma and allergy symptoms. While these issues are generally not major, they can compromise your family’s comfort.

Protect Your Walls and Wood

Dry air can wreak havoc on wood and drywall, resulting in loose fittings in your furniture and cracks throughout your walls—typically near the corners. It can also weaken adhesives and cause wallpaper to peel. Dry air can also damage cabinets cause gaps in unsealed wood flooring.

Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning can install a humidifier in your home and business and protect your interior from the Houston weather all year long. Just visit us online to learn more about our services and call (713) 812-7070 to receive a quote from an expert air conditioning professional today.

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