Lennox Dealer in Houston Shows Lennox XC25 Voted Best Air Conditioning Brand

Posted on: May 22, 2015
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Plumbing

According to Top Ten Reviews, the Lennox XC25 is the Best Central Air Conditioning Unit on the market.

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The best air conditioning units keep your home comfortable on even the hottest summer days year after year, using very little energy and making very little noise. All of the best-rated central air units do that, but the XC25 from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection offers much more. This is an advanced, feature-filled central air conditioner with many advantages over a basic unit.

Many factors go into efficiency that are beyond the control of specific air conditioning units, but if everything is configured correctly, you can expect to get up to 25 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) performance from this unit, one of the highest SEER ratings you will find on a central air conditioner anywhere. The SunSource solar-ready options and iComfort-enabled technology add even more to the efficiencies of this unit. For these and other reasons, the Dave Lennox Signature Collection’s XC25 is the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.


The best central air conditioners on the market meet all of the Energy Star guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency to reward manufacturers that conserve energy. The XC25 from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection earns the Energy Star qualification and goes one step further by earning the designation of the Most Efficient of Energy Star in 2014, one of only a short list of comparable units to do so.

Part of the equation for the XC25’s excellent efficiency is a compressor that runs at several different speeds. Earlier air conditioners had one-stage compressors so the unit was either fully on or fully off. Some units offer two-stage compressors so you at least have two levels of intensity and energy usage to choose from. The XC25 adjusts in tiny output increments – as small as 1 percent – so it is just using the minimum energy necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

One of the standout features of this air conditioning system is its SunSource solar-ready feature. This option allows you to add solar modules to generate electricity for your air conditioner. This will save you money on your electrical bill and drastically cut down on your energy usage. If your XC25 does not use the energy you harness from the sun, it can be used throughout your home by appliances and electronics. The system may make you eligible for rebates from your power company, depending on where you live.

You can also save money and energy by using this unit in conjunction with the iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat, which allows you to program the right temperature for your home. With the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat in place, you can turn on the air conditioning on your way home so everything will be nice and cool when you arrive. You can also turn it off from your smartphone – from anywhere – so you do not waste energy cooling an empty house if you forget to turn it off when you leave.


This Lennox central air conditioner is worlds away from that 80s unit that may be rattling away in your yard at the moment. It features sound levels as low as 59 decibels. That is similar to the sound of normal conversational speech, much quieter than units of the past. Even a pop-up toaster creates 80 decibels worth of sound. This cooling device has a direct-drive fan that aids in quiet operation. Additionally, it has an insulated compressor compartment and a noise-suppressing fan grill that help reduce much of the sound the AC unit makes while running.


This central air conditioner is built to handle all types of outdoor conditions. It is built from galvanized steel and features a zinc-coated, steel base. One highlight of this air conditioning unit’s design is its SmartHinge louver design. This allows you to easily enter the interior of the device to access its parts from every single side. This design feature makes maintenance a breeze and less of a dreaded chore.

Help & Support:

A 10-year limited warranty is included with this device. This warranty covers the compressor and other components. That’s on the higher end of air conditioners, although we did see some with lifetime warranties.

Lennox customer support may vary widely depending on your local contractor, but the nationwide options are good. We got fast and friendly service over the phone and the information available about each unit online is extensive.


The central air conditioning unit you buy is just one element of a larger system. All of the aspects of that system must be in excellent working order to get the best results, but a high-quality unit like the XC25 from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection is a good place to start. The SEER unit is high and the decibel level is low. It is constructed of quality materials and backed by a good warranty. Extras like solar-capability and smartphone compatibility make this unit stand out in good ways from the rest of the pack.


Editor’s Note: This information was taken directly from the manufacturer’s website.
Precise Comfort technology adjusts fan speed, heat and airflow capacity in increments as small as 1% for the ultimate in temperature control.

Variable-capacity, inverter controlled operation works much like the cruise control system of high performance automobiles, automatically making adjustments as necessary. In the XC25, cooling capacity automatically adjusts up or down, based upon cooling demand, to use only the precise amount of energy needed to maintain temperature within 0.5 degrees of your thermostat setpoint.

SunSource Solar-Ready option allows you to add solar modules and create a solar powered system that generates electricity for your air conditioner and more.

ENERGY STAR qualified which means it meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency.
This product has been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2014. Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2014 prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

SilentComfort technology delivers sound levels as low as 59 dB, up to 50% quieter than a standard air conditioner.

With cooling efficiencies of up to 26 SEER, and advanced variable-capacity technology that cools homes to perfection, the XC25 air conditioner has been named one of the Top 100 Best New Home Products for 2013 by This Old House. It keeps temperatures held to a fraction of a degree, every hour of every day. No other air conditioner can even come close.

SOURCE: http://central-air-conditioning-units-review.toptenreviews.com/

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