Repiping A Whole Old House

Posted on: November 1, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Plumbing

Does Houston Homeowners Need To Repipe Their Old House?

The pipes at your home won’t necessarily be deteriorated but it is because nowadays new technologies have emerged which substitute the outdated systems. You could have forgotten that your piping system also requires an upgrade at some point since it was hidden under the ground for too long.

No home can exist without a plumbing system, that’s why it is utterly important to maintain your current one in a good working condition so that you would be able to avoid needless expensive repairs in the future.

Repiping my Home

Several homes in my neighborhood being repiped and have spoken to neighbors about the problems leading up to this. Apparently it starts with pin hole leaks in the copper piping and can cause major damage if the leak isn’t detected soon.

My question is if I wanted to run the CPVC through my attic and run the lines to each of the areas in my home with water outlets, what size pipe is required to do this?
My neighbor across the street had his home repiped after a leak and it appears to have 3/4″ pipe supplying the cold water to the hot water tank and the 3/4″ running out of the hot water tank into the attic.
Yet when you look under his sinks at the lines they are 1/2″ lines. If the supply line appears to be 3/4″ but at the valve is 1/2″ where in the line are the reducers located? I already have the plumbing mapped out and measured. It’s just when I saw the two different size lines in his house I started wondering how much of what size line I’ll need to purchase and where to reduce it prior to the vavle locations.

Do you live in an older home in the Houston area? Does your water have a funny looking color when you turn on your faucets? If so, you need to call ABACUS Plumbing and set an appointment for a free plumbing inspection to assure you will not have any unexpected pipe burst in your attic. You might need a few pipes changed or maybe a whole house repipes. A ABACUS Plumbing we use the latest state-of-the-art piping to make sure your water is clean and pure for you and your family in all reality we take a shower to become clean not to come out dirty from rusted pipes!

Do I need to repipe my house?

Repiping is simply installing all new incoming water lines to replace an old failing system. Most people repipe because they have repeated leaks in their galvanized pipes, slab leaks from copper pipes in the concrete floor or leaks that have caused damage to their house. Many have a neighbor who has had extensive water damage due to a leak and want to prevent a similar incident in their house. Some people get tired of the rust in their water or low pressure. Call (713) 812-7070 us for your home service and repair needs.

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