How To Reset A Smoke Detectors

Posted on: Septemeber 12, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
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Smoke Detector

Houston Homeowner’s Guide On Smoke Alarms

Your smoke alarm has a standard 9-volt battery back-up that keeps your smoke alarm system working in case you lose power. For the battery back-up to work, however, the battery must be “fresh” and installed properly. To replace the battery, just open the drawer on the side of the alarm. You do not need to remove the alarm from the ceiling.

Resetting your smoke alarms is an important step in your project. If you want to make sure your smoke alarms are going to work right when/if there is a fire then you want to make sure they are reset to go off when needed!

How to Reset Smoke Detectors

These smoke detectors are wired into the electrical system of your home. In addition, there is a 9Volt battery that provides back up if power is lost. The manufacture recommends replacing your 9 Volt battery every six months. If the backup battery weakens in between replacement the smoke alarm will “chirp” about once a minute (the low battery warning). Replace battery immediately for your protection.

Your smoke alarms are interconnected, meaning they communicate with each other, forming an integrated system of protection for your home. If one smoke alarm detects smoke, all interconnected alarms will sound. For example, if the smoke alarm in the basement triggers an alarm, the smoke alarm in your bedroom will also sound.

Electric Smoke Detectors with Battery Backup

  • Turn off the main breaker in your home’s breaker box to turn off the electrical current running to the smoke detector.
  • Take the smoke detector off its mounting bracket on the ceiling and disconnect the power cable connected to the smoke detector.
  • Remove its battery, then press the “Test” button and hold it down for 15 seconds. An alarm will sound brief, then the alarm will silence.
  • Place the battery in the smoke detector, reconnect the power cable and put the smoke detector back on its mounting bracket. Turn the breaker on. The detector will chirp one time to indicate power was restored to the unit.

 Battery-Powered Smoke Detectors

  • Take the battery out of the smoke detector.
  • Press the “Test” button and hold it down for 15 seconds. An alarm will sound brief, then the alarm will silence.
  • Put the battery back in the smoke detector. The detector will chirp one time to indicate the battery is connected.

How do we stop the smoke detector beeping?

A smoke detector or smoke alarm in your home or apartment will beep or chirp if the batteries need to be replaced. The smoke alarm will make this noise to alert you that soon the batteries will be completely dead. When you start to hear the beeping or chirping, replace the battery with the exact same type that is in it. This will reset the smoke detector and will make it stop beeping and chirping. Call (713) 812-7070 us for your home service and repair needs.

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