Spring Cleaning Time, Houston

Posted on: May 17, 2019
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Press Releases

It’s that time of year again and we need to get ready for the warmer weather. We should open the windows, get busy with ridding our homes of the dusty musty winter air and start our spring cleaning. Some things may seem obvious – like carpet cleaning and wiping the base boards. But, according to HGTV, we’re forgetting some things, too.

10 Mistakes You Make While Cleaning Your House

We all have to speed clean from time-to-time, but next time you’re rapidly checking chores off your list, take pause, and consider if you can adapt your routine to be more thorough, effective, and safe.

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Reusing Rags

Have multiple rags handy when you’re cleaning your home and avoid reusing the same cloth to wipe down different surfaces. Using a fresh rag will help to contain bacteria and dirt, and help to avoid the spread of germs.

Choosing a Sunny Day for Washing the Windows

The warmth of the sunshine quickly evaporates window cleansers, and when the cleanser dries on the window, it can result in streaks. Save window duty for a dreary, overcast day.

Overworking the Dishwasher

Homeowners frequently ask too much of their dishwashers, which directly affects its ability to do a five-star job. Avoid overloading, alternate the direction of your silverware to help with water flow, put plastics on the top rack to avoid damage, and remember that this appliance is absolutely responsible for the dulling of sharp knives, and damaged wooden cutting boards and wooden utensils (wash those items by hand).

Using Harsh Cleaners

Take the time to learn the best solution for cleaning every surface in your home, so that your “all-purpose” routine doesn’t accidentally cause damage. Some important tips: don’t use vinegar-based cleansers to clean a granite countertop, use gentle cleaners on wood floors to avoid weakening the polish, and don’t overuse disinfectants, like bleach.

Forgetting to Empty the Vacuum

Remember to clean out the bag or canister of your vacuum after every use to fully rid your home of the dust – and perhaps bugs – you picked up during your chore session.

Sweeping and Dusting Too Infrequently

Dirt left on the floors is the leading cause of scratches on the finish, so if you sweep more often, there’ll be less opportunity for those granules to dig in. Similarly with dusting, if you fail to collect dust on polished wood shelves, the dust can begin to interact with the finish and discolor it over time.

Ignoring the Drains and Disposal

Remember to clean the kitchen and bathroom sink drains regularly, and run and refresh the kitchen disposal, too. Maintaining both will prevent smells from forming.

Using Steam Mops on the Wrong Surfaces

Steam mops are worth their weight in gold on ceramic tile and porcelain floors, but they’re much too intense to use on laminate or engineered hardwoods. The intensity of the steam can affect the glues used in flooring assembly, causing irreparable damage.

Failing to Ventilate Cleanser Fumes

If you’re using harsh chemicals during your cleaning routine, be sure to open a window to improve airflow – it’s for your own health. Also, be sure to wear gloves to prevent chemical burns if you’re cleaning with bleach.

Forgetting to Clean Your Appliances

Detergent itself isn’t going to keep the inside of your washing machine or your dishwasher clean, but those are just two of the appliances frequently overlooked when it comes to routine housekeeping. Make it a goal to clean these appliances at least twice a year, so that they do their respective jobs well.

Spring is also the time to have your spring home service visits, like HVAC inspections, which can prepare your home for the hot summer weather. Addressing potential problems can save time and money when it comes to summertime emergency repairs.

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