Whole House Rewire

Posted on: September 19, 2016
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Electrician

How Can I Tell If My House Needs Rewiring?

Sometimes rewiring is unnecessary and your existing electrical system can be brought up to date and made completely safe. Using the right professional, like George Brazil electricians, who are properly trained to apply cutting edge methods and technology could solve your problems without rewiring the whole home and help to minimize your costs.

Complete House Rewiring: Is the Wiring in your home Safe?

Whole House Rewire

Remodeling frequently requires electrical work, whether it’s relocating electrical receptacles (outlets) or installing new lighting. The renovation is also an opportunity to check your home’s electrical panel and circuits to ensure that the system is functioning correctly and is not overloaded.

In a long-term study of the electrical wiring in older homes, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) found that when the electrical system was correctly designed, installed and still functioning within the environment it was intended to power, it was generally still safe, despite the age of the wiring and electrical components. However, the study also found that older systems often had increased electrical load usage beyond the control of the electrical contractor. Also, older systems that had been modified improperly by homeowners or unqualified and unlicensed electricians were not safe and were at a much greater risk for fires.

The wiring behind your walls is one of the most complex features of your home, and you interact with it every day. With such a network out of sight, it’s easy to take the power it brings to outlets and appliances for granted, especially when it seems like things are going right. But without help from a professional electrician, location problems when they do occur can prove to be an overwhelming task.

In the past, electricity wasn’t as easily understood as it is today. In addition, material shortages meant that wires needed to be made from any material available. Today’s heightened power needs and grasp of electricity mean that highly-conductive materials are more available than ever. In homes where older wiring is present, corroded wiring means a higher risk of shock, damaged appliances or even fire.

Benefits Of Whole Home Rewires

There are many benefits to whole home rewires. One of the main reasons why you should consider a whole home rewire is that it will keep your family safe. Keeping your family safe should be the only reason why. Another reason why you should consider a whole home rewire is that it will keep your home’s wiring updated. Call (713) 812-7070 us for your home service and repair needs.

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