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REME HALO® Technology – Impact on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The following is a Technical Bulletin Provided by RGF Environmental Group, Inc. Manufacturers of the REME Halo® UV Air Filtration System Read The Latest Updates on REME HALO® and COVID-19 RGF® Environmental Group Reports Study on SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization by REME HALO® (PDF) » RGF® Environmental Group Study: REME HALO® Inactivates SARS-CoV-2 by 99.9% (PDF) » […]

6 Things to Remember When Preparing Your Home for a Summer Sale

Selling your house is much different than selling your car or anything else that you own. When you sell your car you can usually get a quick quote and move on with your life. On the other hand, real estate agents will tell you that while each locale has its own peak selling season, the […]

Cleaning Condenser Unit In Your Air Conditioner

Cleaning Condenser Unit In Your Air Conditioner For Dallas Homeowners Because the whole purpose of the outdoor unit is to release heat outside your home, having good air flow is essential. The better the air flow, the more efficiently the air conditioner can get rid of that stored heat, improving the performance of the system […]

Solar Powered Homes Aren’t Rare Anymore

When most people think of Texas, they think of our rich history of cowboys and longhorns, the wild west and the oil fields. But since those early days, we’ve grown to be one of the biggest and populous states, which uses a lot of resources. But, we’ve also largely ignored a fantastic natural resource – […]

Does Home Heating System Can Save You Cash

Home Heating System In Houston Homeowners Home heating system controls regulate when the various components of the heating system turn on and off. The most important control from your standpoint is the thermostat, which turns the system — or at least the distribution system — on and off to keep you comfortable. 

How To Tell If Your Home Thermostat Need Repair

Home Thermostat Repair In Houston Homeowners Thermostats have become more standard in homes across the nation. Many homeowners are finding that making a simple change from a manual thermostat to a programmable one offers many benefits to your wallet, your home, and your comfort.Thermostats measure your home’s ambient temperature and use that information to activate your […]

The Understanding Of Central Heating System Works

Central Heating System Installation In Houston Homeowners A central heating system provides warmth to the whole interior of a building (or portion of a building) from one point to multiple rooms. When combined with other systems in order to control the building climate, the whole system may be an HVAC system.Central heating differs from space […]

Tips For Buying A Right Window Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner Size in Houston Homeowners Window air conditioners are very easy to install and they will surely cut costs with the installation process. Also they are great as you don’t need to make any changes to the structure of your house, like in the case of the wall air conditioner. They can be […]

Does Electric Heater Is Safe For Kids

Electric Heater Installation In Houston Homeowners Electric heating installation, ensuring installation costs are kept to a minimum. It doesn’t require any pipe-work, simply a connection to the electrical circuit(s), so it can frequently be installed in a matter of minutes. Electric heaters are 100% efficient at the point of use, meaning all the electricity used is […]

Central Heating Repair: What To Expect From an HVAC Technician

Central Heating Repair In Houston For Homeowners A central heating repair should be your highest concern this fall if you want to protect your home against the cold weather. The temperatures are on their way down and if you don’t install a reliable heating system soon enough, you may find yourself shivering in your own home.