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Don’t wait to service your A/C or decide on backup power, experts say

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — There’s a chance if you want to service your air conditioning unit, you might find yourself out of luck. Experts with Abacus told Eyewitness News there’s a shortage looming of parts needed to service equipment. The COVID-19 pandemic caused issues with the supply and there’s been a backup in orders. “Have […]

Get Smart: 6 Tips to Upgrade to a Smarter Home or Apartment

There’s a lot of talk about smart devices, smart apps and smart homes, and these new innovations can allow you to control many of your home’s functions remotely. Let’s look at some of the best places to start: Lighting First, it’s important to understand incandescent and fluorescent lighting systems have an excellent alternative: light emitting […]

Solar Powered Homes Aren’t Rare Anymore

When most people think of Texas, they think of our rich history of cowboys and longhorns, the wild west and the oil fields. But since those early days, we’ve grown to be one of the biggest and populous states, which uses a lot of resources. But, we’ve also largely ignored a fantastic natural resource – […]

Abacus Featured on ABC Eyewitness News: Is Your Home Winter Weather Ready?

‘Tis the season to get your home prepared. That’s why Gina Brown is taking precautions now, before it’s too late. “We have had problems in the past, not with heating but with bursting pipes and things like that,” Brown said. Whether you’re hiring a pro, or doing it yourself, there are a few things you […]

Ask An Electrician Saving Money On Electrical Usage

Asking The Woodlands Texas Electrician Questions On Home Electrical Savings Homebuyers and sellers near The Woodlands Texas will enjoy finding out information on home electrical usage and savings. Energy use is one expense that is on going so asking local electricians for ideas on saving money has helped many in the area.  One thing that […]

A Home Energy Audit Saves Money

A home energy audit (also known as a home energy assessment) helps homeowners understand their home’s energy efficiency and how to improve it. It determines where their home is losing energy (and money) and identifies improvements to make the home more energy efficient. A home energy audit checks for leaks, examines insulation, and inspects the […]

Tips For Your Kitchen Just In Time For The Holidays

We spend a lot of money during the holidays – parties, family dinners, toys from Santa and the list goes on and on. Your energy bills can skyrocket with your stove, oven, and dishwasher working overtime. Not to mention, the door to your refrigerator or freezer standing wide open as people search for hidden treats.  […]

Never Run out of Hot Water Again with a Hot Water Pump

There are few scenarios worse than going to take a shower only to find out that there is no hot water left. Instead of continually dealing with this problem, there’s another way to address it: purchase a hot water pump. This pump connects to the water heater in homes and provides a continuous stream of […]

How to Save Money Using a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great device to have in the home. In addition to being easy to use, programmable thermostats can save homeowners money on their energy bills every year. If you have one of these thermostats, this video will show you how to use the device to reduce heating and cooling costs. When […]

How to Deal with a Gas Leak

Several household appliances use natural gas as a cost-effective alternative to electricity, but they do require regular maintenance to avoid potentially dangerous leaks. This brief video clip explains the importance of regularly inspecting natural gas appliances. Abacus Plumbing – Natural Gas Tips Gas appliances should be professionally inspected at least once a year, but contact […]