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Featured On KPRC NEWS 2 Abacus Plumbing Pros Advise Houston Homeowners on Frozen Pipes

Abacus Plumbing Pros Advise Homeowners on Frozen Pipes Bursting in Homes Across Houston Area The crazy-cold weather in Houston this week has shocked us all. Many of us don’t remember it ever being this cold, and for good reason—the last time Houston experienced multiple days of below-freezing temperatures was decades ago. With the extreme weather […]

How to Protect Your Pool & Sprinkler Systems During Freezing Weather

How to Protect Your Pool & Sprinkler Systems During Freezing Weather When temperatures drop and it gets very cold, homeowners must take proactive measures to keep irrigation pipes and swimming pools from freezing. (For home water pipe protection, Click to view this post.) Pool Protection During a Freeze In milder climates, running a pool pump […]

How To Protect Your Pipes In Freezing Weather

Protect Your Pipes in Freezing Weather Are you ready for freezing weather? More to the point, are the pipes in your home or building ready? When we say pipes, we’re talking about water pipes that run through, around, or under unheated areas of a home or building. Water sitting in unprotected pipes during very cold […]

Prepare For Cold Weather And Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prevent frozen pipes during a cold spell The weather forecast for North Texas in winter will start with temperatures in the mid to high 70s, but it won’t take long for the temperature to drop. Soon, we could see record-low temperatures, a hard freeze, ice storms or more. When the temperatures drop, certain pipes, especially […]

Water Treatment Importance in Houston

With an ever-expanding industrial economy, Houston is seeing a boom in migration from across the country and across the world. People are flocking here to seek out new opportunities. However, the enormous number of people, combined with an increase in industry, and of course our regular flooding occurrences, all have enormous impacts on the quality […]

How To Fix A Slab Leak

Fixing Slab Leak For Houston Homeowners A potential leak causes problems ranging from severe water damage to humidity problems inside your house, and more. It’s crucial to get a slab repair or foundation repair contractor on the job as soon as possible to limit costly damages.

Fixing Jammed Garbage Disposal

Fixing Garbage Disposal For Houston Homeowners If the garbage disposal doesn’t do anything—meaning it doesn’t even hum or make a sound—the problem is likely to be that it isn’t receiving power. Look for a reset button on the underside of the disposal and press this button. That may be all that’s needed to get it […]

How To Remodel A Small Bathroom

Remodeling Small Bathroom For Houston Homeowners We’ll walk you through the steps for getting more natural light in your shower, replacing your dingy old bathtub with a spacious shower, and installing a toilet and sink that simplify cleaning. So stop dealing with an outdated bathroom and get to work!

The Flint Water Problem, Part I: How It Happened

The water problems began when the city of Flint, Michigan found itself in a budget crisis. In 2014, the state of Michigan decided to temporarily change the city’s water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River as a cost-saving measure until a new supply line to Lake Huron was ready. The Flint River has […]