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Top How-to Questions During a Hard Freeze: Pipes, Water Heaters, Tankless Heaters

Most Important Plumbing, Water Heater and Tankless “How To’s” After A Hard Freeze Below are some of the most common Plumbing FAQ’s following a hard-freeze. Due to overwhelming call volume, these DIY tips can help you right away until a licensed plumber can get to your home for a full evaluation and fix. You should […]

Membership Has Its Privileges

When you buy a house, you also buy the problems that go with it, like an aging HVAC system or hard water issues.  Even trees that are planted too close to the house can cause plumbing and foundation issues. Every homeowner needs to have a reliable, efficient, and professional home service company that can address […]

Houston Has A New Outdoor Attraction

Houston and the Houston area is expansive. There are always new areas to explore. New business to visit. New urban wildernesses to discover. And, Houston is about to get another new outdoor attraction. The Houston Chronicle has published the announcement that over 600 acres will be conserved by The Houston Audubon Society for us to […]

Oyster Fishing Closing In Galveston Bay

The Texas Gulf Coast is a unique and amazing place to explore. This complex ecosystem is created by mixing of waters from different sources. It provides nursery and spawning grounds for many types of marine life including crabs, shrimp, oysters, and many varieties of fish. The bayous, rivers, and marshes that ring the bay support […]

Big Steps For Houston!

Houston is growing again. And, that’s especially good news for our communities that need a new outlet for our exercise routines. The new hike-and-bike Spring Branch Trail is now open! Our communities are encouraged to participate in more outdoor recreation, exercise and commuting. The Houston Chronicle has announced the opening of the new trail this […]

Happy (And Safe) Holidays, Houston!

The Holiday season has begun and the tree trimming and eggnog are just around the corner. Many of us are setting up our holiday decorations and Christmas trees. To some, that means the annual trip to the christmas tree farm or local garden center to get a fresh pine. Others may be digging around in […]

Time To Clean Up, Houston

Usually this time of year, we are planning our holiday events and vacations. But, this year we’ll be at home more instead of out on the town. For some of us, this means we are cooking our turkeys for the first time. It also means we need to keep our homes extra clean. But, what’s […]

Get your home ready for the holidays

The holidays will soon be upon us and most of us made it a point to spend some time with our friends and family. This year many of us won’t be spending that time traveling, but spending it at home. So, now is a great time to get our homes ready for the holidays. And […]

Get Ready For Fall, Houston

Well, Houston, the days have finally come. The summer is over and the sun is still shining. And the sidewalks can’t cook eggs anymore. But, looking forward to the cooler temperatures means that we also have our Fall To-Do list. In order to prepare our homes for the fall and winter, the Houston Chronicle has […]

Gas Leaks and Gas Line Repairs

Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed by layers of buried plants and animals that are exposed to intense heat and pressure under ground over thousands of years. The energy from these plants and animals is stored in the form of carbon in the gas. Natural gas is combusted to generate electricity, enabling this stored […]