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Spring Time Landscaping

It’s almost spring time. And that means planting new plants in the yard. Having new landscaping can increase the curb appeal of you home. An article in Country Living magazine suggests that wildflowers might be the ticket to having an attractive natural flower garden and help keep pests away from your home. How Wildflowers Can […]

More Spring In Your Spring Cleaning

Now that the holidays are over, most homeowners are throwing out the old things and making room for the new. This includes planning home improvement projects and spring cleaning. Most homeowners are busy people. Good Housekeeping recently published some helpful hints to make cleaning the house easy and less time  consuming. How to Get Rid […]

Space Saving Ideas ForThe New Year

The new year is here and it’s time to declutter. Getting rid of some old things and making space for the new things is the first step for spring cleaning. Making space for your everyday things is a great way to declutter. Houzz recently reprinted a list of storage ideas for your next D-I-Y project […]

Holiday Safety

Be Safe, Houston Every year during the holiday season, accidents occur.  Someone drops a glass during a party, or Aunt Rose burns the green bean casserole, or the fuse blows just as you turn on the tree lights. Some of those stories are quite funny and are retold for years. Other accidents are definitely not […]

Houston Still Needs Our Help For The Holidays

It’s That Time Of Year Again – Christmas Thanksgiving is over and we are now bombarded with the task of decorating, shopping, and cooking for Christmas, which is only a few weeks away. And our kids are writing out their letters for Santa. One extraordinary boy had his letter to Santa make the local news. […]

Declutter In No Time

It’s getting close to the holidays and time is something we can’t spare. In addition to our regular schedules, we have holiday parties planned, gifts to buy and kid’s Christmas pageants to attend. Keeping a clean house is even more challenging. But, Houzz is here to help with some easy ways to pick up and […]

Expand Your Kitchen Without The Hastle

At some point, every home needs a bit of a make-over. Items become outdated or break. Other times, the perfect kitchen isn’t roomy enough now that you have kids and pets. Good news: You don’t have to be David Copperfield to expend your kitchen. Your kitchen just needs a few improvements to have a lot […]

You NEED A Fire Plan For Your Houston Home

Before you have a house fire, you need to have a escape plan and a prevention plan. You won’t have time to stop for your wedding photos or important papers; you need to get your family to safety.  According to a segment on the TODAY Show, you have even less time to get out that […]

Abacus In The News: Abacus Joins The 100 Club

ABACUS Joins The 100 Club of Houston to Support Families of First Responders   HOUSTON, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ABACUS Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical is proud to announce they have become a Business Lifetime Member of The 100 Club of Houston, which is a non-profit organization. The organization financially rescues the dependents of firefighters and law enforcement officers […]

Time To Clean-Up After A Flood

Now that the disaster is over, we have to take a deep breath and start to clean up. It’s never easy. Whether the flood is a natural disaster or a broken pipe, first, we have to salvage what we can and then dry everything out and clean up. Our neighbors at Flood Safety have some […]