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I have used and trusted Abacus Plumbing & Air Conditioning since day one. Alan O’Neil runs a first class organization that delivers on every promise. In fact, the only calls I ever get about Abacus on HomeShow Radio are customers singing their praises.

There are a lot of plumbers in Houston. But, the only one you’ll find working in my home, or my mother’s home, is Abacus Plumbing. No, Abacus plumbing isn’t the cheapest plumber in town. They’re just the most reliable, best trained, and personable plumbers you’ll find anywhere.

Abacus plumbers come on time, get the job done right and stand behind their work. Makes you wonder, why doesn’t everyone do it that way?

Tom Tynan’s radio show has been a staple of the Houston weekend homeowner community. His show can be heard every Saturday and Sunday morning on SportsRadio 610.

A builder with a degree in architecture, Tom began answering home improvement questions on Houston radio back in 1987. Tom has also hosted the “Our House” TV show and “Dream House” on the Home and Garden TV network. Today, Tom is heard in Houston and Dallas, as well as online at

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