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Abacus Kingwood – A trusted name for all electrical, plumbing and HVAC service needs

Abacus has been delivering quality service and workmanship since 2003. Over the years, we have earned the trust of residential and commercial clients across Kingwood, Texas. We are dedicated to maintaining that level of trust by continuing to offer our high standards of service every time.

Satisfaction guaranteed, trained, certified and licensed technicians are at the forefront of our operations. Our teams’ extensive experience, our reputation for integrity, and our commitment to quality has led to Abacus being a company of choice for HVAC, electrical and plumbing technicians.

HVAC Technicians That Deliver Indoor Comfort

At Abacus, we are more than just a cooling and heating company. We are a company that puts our customers at the head of all we do. We are available 24/7s. We can address any HVAC problem you are facing. We offer guarantees on our work, even up to 10 ears. You will be satisfied even if it means redoing the work at zero cost to you – though this happens rarely because our technicians are well trained and highly competent at their jobs.

Why Abacus for HVAC? Because all our HVAC technicians in Kingwood, Texas are NATE-certified? Did you know that this means that they are all up-to-date on the most current methods of HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation? Because NATE-Certified technicians have to re-certify every two years, it means that they are always equipped with the right tools and knowledge to serve you.

Armed with years of experience, knowledge and the power of accreditation, our HVAC technicians are waiting to serve you.

Plumbing Contractors That Have the Solution to All Your Plumbing Problems

Plumbing contractors are abundant online. But only a few are as qualified as those that work with Abacus. When you need well-trained and qualified plumbers you choose Abacus plumbers. They meet the highest industry standards with years of training and on-site experience.

It is important to hire professional plumbing contractors. They know what needs to be done and exactly how to do it. The potential costs to you from inexperienced and untrained plumbers are more in the long run than what you would pay upfront for qualified professionals.

So, contact Abacus for seasoned plumbers who can, among other services:

  • Repair or clean your sewer lines
  • Efficiently unclog and clean your drains
  • Install and repair your gas and tankless water heaters
  • Competently undertake general plumbing repairs
  • Expertly remodel your bathrooms

Abacus plumbing applies high standards to the service we deliver. Our plumbers always deliver. And that is why we can offer a guarantee unlike many in the market.

Electrical Technicians to Fix All Your Electrical Issues in Kingwood, TX

Residential or commercial electrical needs, Abacus has you covered. As one of the most technical of the building trades, it requires that your contractors are trained, certified and experienced. Our highly-qualified team is available 24 hours a day to work your property of any size. They are more than competent at what they do. And this is based on their years of training and practical experience.

We can ensure that your building’s heating and air conditioning are functioning efficiently. Our preventive and lighting maintenance services, and machinery installation are conducted at the highest service and quality levels. Our licensed electricians will undertake the installation of:

  • Outdoor and LED lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Electric panels
  • Back-up generators
  • Smoke detectors
  • GFCIs in necessary areas

Our professional electrical team will also take on basic circuit repair, rewiring and surge protection for your safety.

Contact Abacus, Kingwood for your Trained Professional

At Abacus, our technicians are licensed and insured for your protection. And our work is guaranteed for your satisfaction. Contact Abacus for all your electrical, plumbing and heating, ventilation and cooling needs.

“Product and service are excellent. Would recommend to everyone.”

- Air Conditioning, in Katy on Feb 14th, 2018

“Excellent service. Jarrod took care of our situation from start to finish and accepted personal responsibility for our welfare and property. We look forward to seeing you guys in the future and feel secure in knowing that we have developed a trusted answer for our plumbing needs.”

- Plumbing, in Kingwood on Feb 14th, 2018

“Excellent and secure customer service.”

- Inspection – BAM, in Houston on Feb 14th, 2018

“Our job was an extensive complicated plumbing repair to our 50 yr old home's under slab copper water supply and distribution system, including the hot water heater. Essentially the entire system all the way to the meter was replaced. I could not be more pleased with the craftsmanship, speed, quality materials, clean-up & care for our home during the work....and especially how well Kevin worked with our insurance adjuster.....which resulted in the carrier covering most of the cost of the work.....where as I was going to be pleased if they only covered 20% of the total $20K cost. Kevin did a great job in every did the rest of the crew. Thank you so much!!”

- Plumbing, in Houston on Feb 12th, 2018

“My underground electrical lines had to be replaced which turned out to be a major job as the old conduit could not be removed. Kevin was excellent and extremely knowledgeable, always keeping me informed and responding timely to my inquiries. Additionally, he was in touch with the subcontractor daily and kept me up to speed on their timetable as well. I had full confidence in Kevin and am pleased with the end result especially since there were additional items required other than just the power line replacement.”

- Electrical Service, in Houston on Feb 12th, 2018


- Plumbing, in Houston on Feb 12th, 2018

“VERY honest. Very respectful, polite and knowledgeable.”

- Plumbing, in Houston on Feb 12th, 2018

“After I read the great reviews on the website, I decided to call Abacus, for my plumbing needs. They did a fantastic job on cleaning out my kitchen drain pipe. They were very professional and easy to talk with. They explained all the details and gave me an estimate as to how much the job will cost. They also provided me with different options to choose from based on the severity of the job and my ability to pay. I’m very satisfied with the great service Abacus provided. I will definitely use them again for my plumbing needs and refer them to family and friends.”

- Drain & Sewer, in Sugar Land on Feb 12th, 2018