Save GREEN by going GREEN when you install an Abacus solar attic fan!

Abacus products qualify for federal tax credits, as well as state and local incentives in select locations. Federal tax credits apply to purchase price of the solar attic fan, installation costs, and the sales tax. With so many ways to save, why wait any longer?

How do I get the Tax Credit?

Filing for your federal tax credit is very easy.

Simply click on the forms below to download IRS Form 5695 and the Manufacturer's Certification.

Abacus solar attic fan products are categorized as "qualified solar electric property" by the IRS, so just enter the total cost of your Abacus products in the areas indicated on the form. The total cost may include the purchase price, sales tax, and any labor costs you may have paid toward the installation of your Abacus solar powered ventilation system. When you file your taxes for the year, submit Form 5695 to the IRS and keep the Manufacturer's Certification statement for your records. It's that simple.

IRS Form 5695

Manufacturer's Certification

"Federal tax credits apply to both the purchase price and installation costs for your Abacus solar powered ventilation system!"

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