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Houston Water Softener System Maintenance and Repair

For Houston homes a water softener system is a vital household appliance.

Houston Water Softener Installation & Maintenance
Houston Water Softener Installation & Maintenance by Abacus
Water Softener Maintenance by Abacus in Houston

Abrasive ‘hard’ water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, which causes lime scale buildup and interferes with soap’s ability to clean. Our Water softener systems remove these abrasive particles. While it is unlikely you will need a water softener repair very often, regular maintenance is essential.

Some of the benefits of having a water softener include:

  • Longer lasting fixtures, water heaters, and water using appliances.
  • Softer skin and hair.
  • Reduced need for soaps and fabric softeners (less soap scum)
  • Softer Towels
  • More efficient water heater saving you money
  • Less time spent cleaning

Sign Up Today for Abacus Plumbing’s Quarterly Water Softener Maintenance Plan.

Each Visit Includes:

  • Deliver and load up to 5 bags of salt
  • Visual inspection of system
  • Water analysis
  • Check/adjust programming
  • Check/adjust timer
  • Check the system cycles for proper operation
  • Also get special discounts for replacement or additional equipment (up to $500 off!)

We have financing available. Ask your technician. At Abacus we are proud to offer first class customer service. Our water treatment division is like no other. Customers ALWAYS come first. You can count on us! Fill out the form on this page, or call us today at 713-766-3605 

Water Softener Maintenance Houston