Air Purifiers Can Improve Your Air Quality

Posted on: April 3, 2017
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Houston TX, Humble, Local News, The Woodlands, TX

When you live in a big Texas city, you expect pollen, dust, chemicals and other things to be floating around in the air outside. Unfortunately, it’s also floating around in your house. Most HVAC systems have pretty good air filters to remove much of the stuff in the air. However, most of these filters were designed to improve the efficiency of the system and don’t remove a lot of the more harmful particles and chemicals. Having a good air purifier can really improve the air quality in your home. But, you really need to research all of the available options before buying one.

When most people start looking for an air purifier, they usually get a little confused by all the different ratings and terminology at first. A good place to start is the size of the area or room where you want to place the purifier. Some purifiers are designed for a single room, while others are designed for an average size home. Making this decision first will really narrow down the options. Another option to consider is multiple smaller units for different floors or areas of your home.

One of the main options to consider is the circulation cycle. Air purifiers completely cleans the air of a space over a certain period of time. Some will take 4 hours to coml;et;ey circulate the air, others may take longer, depending on the speed of the fans. Some air purifiers also have multiple speeds. You will need to compare models for the average speed setting on the fan. Running the purifier at top speed regularly will increase the strain on the unit, increase energy usage, and shorten the life of the purifier.

Many air purifiers offer multiple fans settings, but some have additional features. Some of the models have remote controls. Others are programmable or have sensors that tell the unit to “sleep” once the air is clean. These options may reduce the cost of energy usage and wear on the motor and other parts.

Homeowners should also consider the type of filter(s) the models require. HEPA Filters are one of the most popular filters because they capture 99.9% of the air contaminates that measure 3 microns or larger. Almost anything that causes allergies and breathing problems, like dust, pollen, mold spores and even some bacteria, will be filtered out of the air. Some models also have additional filters. Additional carbon filters help remove additional things like cooking or pet odors from the air.

Physical appearance of each different model of air purifier also factors into buying decisions. Models come in different shapes, like a cube or rectangle, while other are a taller tower. Each type has it’s own style and space requirements. Models also come in different colors, usually black, white or metallic.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important for your purifier. Look for one that is easy to clean (inside and out) and the filter can be replaced easily. If the filter is very dirty, the unit uses more power and runs inefficiently. Buyers should also compare the filter replacement costs and life span of the filters. Some filters may need more regular replacement, which is an additional cost. Also, most people use air filters in their main living or sleeping areas, so having a quiet unit that isn’t distracting is important.

An air purifier is one piece of technology that can vastly improve the air quality for those suffering from respiratory illnesses, like asthma, and allergies. For more ideas to improve your home’s air quality, call us at Abacus.

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