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Posted on: May 3, 2018
By: Alan O'Neill
Posted in: Press Releases

Houston really has a problem. As recent flooding illustrates, the Houston area storm drainage system is overwhelmed. When they are needed most, they can’t keep up with the flow of water. Part of the problem is the Houston area is so flat and there isn’t enough open ground to absorb the water quickly. Another problem is the storm drains aren’t able to drain due to trash and debris accumulation. As recently reported in the Houston Patch, Houston has begun a Name The Drain adoption program to combat this problem.

Houston’s Adopt-A-Drain Program Takes Mirthful Twist

Houstonians are adopting city drains and creating some pretty clever nicknames for their civic-mindedness.

HOUSTON, TX — Soliciting volunteer groups, organizations and individuals to adopt a road or a public area for the sake of keeping in clean is hardly a new idea.

In fact, we see the signs just about everywhere in Harris County.

However, Houston’s push to adopt a drain is different and even taken on a mirthful twist, with Houstonians naming their adopted drains.

Some of the more creative drain monikers include: Masshole, Purple Drain, It’s Draining Men, Draining 3’s, Sir Drains a Lot, and Preenies Wet Hole, the Houston Press reported.

For those who are stumped for a cool nickname, there are a few still available like: It’s Drain O’Clock Somewhere, Drainiac, Or Who Will Stop The Drain.

There are a few more on the list that are down right hilarious, but are a little too off color and probably shouldn’t appear in print, but you get the idea.

So what is this all about?

Quite simply, it’s the city’s push to help keep the water moving in the largest flood-prone city in the U.S., so it’s a good civic-minded motive.

Houston’s Adopt-A- Drain program was launched last month and is a new online mapping tool that encourages people and civic groups to adopt a storm drain and work to keep it free of debris, and trash.

The idea is that if the drains are clear, street flooding — which generally happens with even a minimal amount of rain — will be greatly reduced.

The plan could either fall flat, or be a noble idea whose time has finally come.

However, to be successful people need to keep signing up, and not just name a drain like you would the family dog.

The City of Houston provides a link to locate and take responsibility for any of the gazillion street drains, and commit to keeping their personal drain debris and trash free for as long as they want.

Sound fun?

Click the link to adopt your drain, and by all means, keep it clean.

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