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5 star customer review - Abacus Air Conditioning Plumbing Electrical - smallA Few of the latest Abacus Plumbing and Air Conditioning Reviews from our customers this week:


Sky was very good at explaining why he recommended the purchase of a new air conditioner. We went with the more efficient system because our energy bills would be less down the road.  He also suggested the Reme Guardian filtering system which seems to be an excellent addition and will greatly help with allergies.  The installers were very courteous and did a superb job with the installation of the air conditioning/ heating system.  I will definitely recommend Abacus to others. – Karl H., Cypress, TX

Ed is very professional and knows his job and the equipment that he works on very well. He is committed to finding the problem and solving it.  We have had a loud humming sound that no one else has ever been able to resolve (since 2009) and he has worked tirelessly to try to figure it out and fix it.  He has been out twice and has been doing a great job taking things step by step to eliminate all possibilities and the heater is working quietly so far! – Peter, Kingwood, TX

Technician was courteous and professional.  A cost estimate was first provided and the work then agreed before it started.  The work was done competently and the work site cleaned afterwards.  We were quite pleased with the work and will continue using Abacus for our plumbing needs. – David M., Houston, TX

Antoine was very professional. It was late about 8 pm-ish by the time he got to our house and I know he had to be tired and ready to go home to his family but he was just as pleasant and professional as he would be at 8 am. The reason he was late in coming to our home is the appointment was booked on a date that many of the other technicians were at some type of schooling/testing/class event so this created longer hours and more of a workload for the other technicians. Antoine never complained about the extra work or acted like it bugged him being out late. He gave us some very valuable advice about our unit that we did not know. We purchased the house a few months ago so we were not the ones that had the unit installed. – Joe, Spring, TX

After checking with another plumbing company before the work was done for a second opinion and told them who we were thinking about doing the job. Their response was very positive with Abacus doing the job. After getting that response we went with Abacus and were very pleased with the work that was done. I would highly recommend Abacus. – James S., Houston, TX


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