Abacus Reviews: Plumbing Repair In Katy, Texas

When asked for a recommendation, must people need to have had a really good experience with a company before they tell their friends. At Abacus, our team of air conditioning, plumbing and electrical experts strive to provide the best, friendliest, and most efficient service to our customers. We hope that our efforts to keep your home’s systems running at their best will inspire your confidence in Abacus.

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“Abacus Plumbing was referred to us by a close neighbor and we decided to call them for an urgent need with our kitchen faucet. Sebastian arrived at our house on time and was professional and friendly. He got right to the business of installing a new faucet that we had purchased prior to his arrival. He did not have a hose that fit the Price Pfister faucet that was installed originally so we had a back up faucet on the outside chance he did not have a hose. He gave us a quote on what the job would cost us along with the price of a plumbing service contract that gave us an immediate discount on the work he was going to do. We decided to move forward with the service contract before he began work on the faucet. Although we paid several hundred dollars before all was said and done we felt like we ended up with a newly installed faucet, a service contract for our plumbing needs, and a service contract for twice annual heating and cooling inspection. In the end it was a fairly equitable sum that we paid for all that was provided.”

- Plumbing, in Katy on Aug 31st, 2016
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