Abacus Review: Electrical Service and Repairs In Houston, Texas

When you have an electrical problem, you need the safest, most reliable solution. At Abacus, we take the extra steps to not only explain all of your repair options, we make sure the repair is done right. Your home and the safety of your family depends on our high-quality workmanship.

Abacus Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical Reviews

“Very good, thorough service. The technician went beyond diagnosing the specific problem. He explained well what needed to be done right away, and the implications for the next steps. We were well satisfied and chose to fix the major electrical issue with them rather than with a competitor (who was about 10% less expensive, a significant amount for a major repair) because of the quality of the advice.”

- Electrical Service in Houston on Dec 5th, 2016