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Reliable and Professional Plumbing Services in Bellaire, TX

Our Bellaire plumbing experts have been serving the area since 2003. If you require assistance with any plumbing issue in your kitchen or the bathroom, our skilled plumbers from Abacus are there to solve that issue for you. Found yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency? Our Bellaire plumbers are there to provide the same-day service you need to help you avoid costly flood damage. In the face of any plumbing emergencies, think of Abacus. Our 24-hour service means we are ready to assist you anytime, be it day or night. Give Abacus a call, sit back and let us repair and solve your problems fast. With Bellaire being the home to headquarters of many businesses, Abacus’ plumbers are always prepared to service your home and business and earn your trust.

Water Heaters

You may have a tankless or traditional water heater. No matter what type you have, it is vital to have it inspected regularly to make sure it does not break down suddenly. You can be left cold if it does. Call Abacus to schedule an appointment with one of our Bellaire water heater experts to identify any potential problems or issues with your water heater. If you need a replacement, our knowledgeable experts will help you decide which product is right for you. If you are considering a tankless system, then we can provide you with the benefits and comparison to traditional products.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have been growing in popularity for quite some time. There are several reasons for this, including a longer lifespan and better energy efficiency. They come with longer warranty periods attached, and will also lower your energy costs. This means that you can have the peace of mind knowing that your water heater is protected if anything goes wrong. You will also save money down the line. Call the experts at Abacus to help you with your tankless water heater service needs.

Hot Water Heater Servicing

Abacus puts a lot of pride in our knowledge and expertise with water heaters. Most homes in Bellaire still have a tank-type water heater. They are the most common products and involve a large tank that stores water that is heated until ready for use. Our experts can service any water heater product, and will also help you choose a new heater if you need a replacement. Our focus is always on finding a product that works well but is also energy efficient. Not only that, but we will install it for you.

Pipe Replacement

There are certain symptoms that may indicate that you need to replace the pipes in your home. These include low water pressure, rusty-colored water, and issues when you are running more than one faucet at a time. Repiping involves taking out those old rusty pipes and replacing them with new ones. Once that replacement is completed, your water pressure will be back to normal and your water will be crystal clear again. Repiping is not a simple process, and it takes special training to be done properly. Contact Abacus to have one our specially trained plumbers come to replace your pipes.

Plumbing Services at Any Time

Plumbing emergencies can throw your entire business or household into disarray. You definitely don’t want to have to wait until regular business hours to have your problem fixed. That is why Abacus offers 24/7 service to make sure that no one in Bellaire has to wait for help. Give us a call to get your home or business back to normal quickly. One way to avoid having to deal with emergencies is to have your plumbing system inspected on a regular basis. With an Abacus Club membership, you are entitled to an annual inspection every year. That way you can rest easy knowing that your plumbing system is running as it should.

Annual Plumbing Inspection

An annual inspection can help a homeowner avoid those costly and frustrating emergency situations. By having the plumbing system checked out every year, little problems will not be allowed to build up to bigger problems. Your plumbing system will run at its best efficiency for larger portions of the year. If there is a problem, the inspector can go ahead and repair the issue so that it can’t grow. With an Abacus Club membership, you will also get a 15% discount off of any repairs the plumber has to make.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains happen to everyone, and they usually aren’t too big of an issue. However, there may be times when a clog is too difficult to clear. Abacus plumbers can clear any clog, no matter how stubborn. Sometimes a clog is a sign of other problems in your plumbing system, so our professionals can make sure that the underlying issue is solved to avoid the problem coming back. A small clog can develop into bigger, more costly problems, so it should be taken care of quickly.

Hydro Jetting

For the really difficult blockages, our specialists have several options to choose from to help remove them. Blockages can be caused by many things, such as debris, grease, general sludge, and nature. Hydro jetting means sending high-pressure water through the pipes to break through the blockages and flush the remnants to the sewer system. Hydro jetting is a specialized technique that involves care and skill, and should not be attempted by another other than a professional. Call Abacus in Bellaire today to help with any clog problems you are having.

Sewer Line Services

Your sewer line should always be running at peak efficiency. A backup into your home could mean terrible damage and a risk to the health of anyone in the building. Abacus offers camera inspections to identify the exact problem, sewer line cleaning, sewer line repair, and sewer line replacement. If you think you have an issue with your sewer line, do not delay and call Abacus right away.

Plumbing Preventive Maintenance and Repair


When you join The Abacus Club, you can rest assured that you are covered when it comes to any plumbing problems you may experience throughout the year.

We take care of our members’ homes as if they were our own, only sending drug-tested, background-checked, and professionally-trained technicians into your home. And the Abacus Club is exclusive… we only allow 22% of our members to belong, so you truly are part of a special Club!


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Aly Torres

Plumbing in Houston on Aug 3rd, 2020

Did a great job, was so happy that they were on time were and offer great service using social distance, wearing gloves, masks, covered their shoes, etc.View Full Review »

Raquel Reyna Bunge

Drain & Sewer in Houston on Aug 3rd, 2020

Very satisfied with Abacus. They came out and fixed a blocked drain that ARS could not fix. Travis fixed the problem right away and saved me from major headache with further water damage. Will be calling Abacus for all my plumbing needs moving forward.View Full Review »

Diane Woods Myers

Plumbing in Houston on Aug 3rd, 2020

I called Abacus on Sunday because my hot water heater was leaking and needed replacing. They sent out a technician within a few hours to evaluate and give me a quote. The technician did a wonderful job checking my system and providing a good quote. Abacus came highly recommended by a friend. They take care of all her A/C needs. I'd call them again they stand behind their work.View Full Review »

Jenny P

Plumbing in Houston on Jul 23rd, 2020

We have used Abacus for many years and have received superb service. Always on time, always reliable and most importantly, do excellent work which they stand by. We really appreciate that they cover their shoes, and have done that way before Covid 19. Meticulously clean before and clean up any mess that they may make. We trust what they say and there is no hard sell. We are proud and grateful to be Members. Highly recommend Abacus and the people they use.

Stephanie Freeman

Plumbing in Houston on Feb 28th, 2019

Fast Response, Great Service, Kind and Helpful technician (Eddie).

Delmar Berger

Plumbing in Spring on Feb 28th, 2019

Robert was excellent! He would be welcome in my home any time.

Terry Killian

Drain & Sewer in The Woodlands on Feb 28th, 2019

I could not have asked for better service. From my dialing Abacus to completion of the job was just under 2 hours....& after 10 pm! I am now a member & will use only Abacus.

Tim Harris

Plumbing in Houston on Feb 28th, 2019

Great job. Very professional and helpful working through a bad piece of equipment. Could not have been happier with the care Ulices took with the job. Thank you.

Jane Dawson

Drain & Sewer in Houston on Feb 28th, 2019

Very professional and explained things well. Did not hesitate to consult with supervisor for possible resolution.